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  • Cerebral

    A state controller with its own debugger

  • LABjs

    Loading And Blocking JavaScript: On-demand parallel loader for JavaScript with execution order dependencies

  • Js Cache

    jsCache is a javascript library that enables caching of javascripts, css-stylesheets and images using my localStorage polyfill. This is especially useful when serving your website for mobile phones, which have limited HTTP caching available, but also speeds up your site in an ordinary web browser as it saves HTTP requests and loads all files asynchronously.

  • YUI3

    YUI is a free, open source JavaScript and CSS library for building richly interactive web applications.

  • Theory

    Abstraction layer for cross platform JavaScript.

  • Queue

    Yet another asynchronous helper library for JavaScript. 387 bytes minified and gzipped!

  • Platform.js

    A platform detection library that works on nearly all JavaScript platforms.

  • Lucid Js

    LucidJS is a chainable event emitter library. It offers several unique features such as set events, emitter piping, DOM node encapsulation, sub events, along with the usual event triggering and binding. LucidJS emitters also feature meta events that allow listening for event binding and event triggering. LucidJS works in both the browser and node.js.

  • Backbone.stickit

    Backbone data binding, model binding plugin. The real logic-less templates.

  • Pegasus

    Load data while still loading other scripts and display data faster in jQuery, Backbone, Angular, ... apps

  • Oc Lazy Load

    Load modules on demand (lazy load) in AngularJS

  • Java Script Load Image

    JavaScript Load Image is a library to load images provided as File or Blob objects or via URL. It returns an optionally scaled and/or cropped HTML img or canvas element. It also provides a method to parse image meta data to extract Exif tags and thumbnails and to restore the complete image header after resizing.

  • Robotjs

    Node.js Desktop Automation.

  • Hasher

    Browser history manager for rich media websites

  • Egjs

    Set of UI interactions, effects and utilities components library using jQuery.

  • Blazy

    bLazy is a lightweight lazy loading and multi-serving image script. It's written in JavaScript why it doesn't have any dependencies for 3rd party libraries like jQuery. bLazy is working in all modern browser including IE7+.

  • Bottlejs

    A powerful, extensible dependency injection micro container for JavaScript applications