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    Babel is a compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.
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    The compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.

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    Supporting Babel

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    Babel (pronounced "babble") is a community-driven project used by many companies and projects, and is maintained by a group of volunteers. If you'd like to help support the future of the project, please consider:

    • Giving developer time on the project. (Message us on Twitter or Slack for guidance!)
    • Giving funds by becoming a sponsor on Open Collective or GitHub (which goes to our Open Collective account)!


    Our top sponsors are shown below! [Become a sponsor]


    Babel is a tool that helps you write code in the latest version of JavaScript. When your supported environments don't support certain features natively, Babel will help you compile those features down to a supported version.


    // ES2020 nullish coalescing
    function greet(input) {
      return input ?? "Hello world";


    function greet(input) {
      return input != null ? input : "Hello world";

    Try it out at our REPL.


    Who maintains Babel?

    Mostly a handful of volunteers, funded by you! Please check out our team page!

    Is there a Babel song?

    I'm so glad you asked: Hallelujah —— In Praise of Babel by @angus-c, audio version by @swyx. Tweet us your recordings!

    Looking for support?

    For questions and support please join our Slack Community (you can sign up here for an invite), ask a question on Stack Overflow, or ping us on Twitter.

    Where are the docs?

    Check out our website:, and report issues/features at babel/website.

    Want to report a bug or request a feature?

    Please read through our and fill out the issue template at babel/issues!

    Want to contribute to Babel?

    Check out:

    Some resources:

    How is the repo structured?

    The Babel repo is managed as a monorepo that is composed of many npm packages.



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