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    If you are looking for Bootstrap without jQuery or vanilla Javascript for Bootstrap, this is the place to get started.
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    The faster, lighter and more compact set of JavaScript components for Bootstrap 5, free from major dependecies such as jQuery, Popper. The bootstrap.native library is available on npm, CDN and comes packed with strong TypeScript definitions, Cypress powered tests and other goodies.

    The library is around 39Kb minified and around 12Kb gZipped. See the demo for components guidelines and examples, or the Wiki/How to use on how to install and use the library.


    Check out the bootstrap.native Wiki pages, they're updated with almost every new commit:

    • Acknowledgements - there are similarities and differences with the original library, good to know for maximizing your workflow.
    • How to use - An in depth guide on how to use the library.
      • CDN Links - use CDN links available on jsdelivr and cdnjs
      • Locally Hosted - download and copy in your project assets/js folder, then use proper markup to enable BSN on your pages
      • ES6+ Example - modern application would like you to import BSN from "bootstrap.native"
      • NPM Installation - just execute npm install bootstrap.native or mark it as dependency and take it from there
      • Custom Builds - use rollup build scripts to create your own custom builds, only with the components you need
      • Dynamic Content - use the library callbacks with your turbolinks:load, mount, load and similar events
      • RequireJS/CommonJS - NodeJS applications would like you to const BSN = require("bootstrap.native")
      • Factory Methods - for NodeJS apps you need to have document and window in scope
    • Browser support - Enable legacy browsers support via polyfills.
    • FAQs - A short list of frequent asked questions regarding the use of the library.
    • About - Learn about the bootstrap.native project, goals and motivations.


    • Full contributors list here. Thanks!


    The BSN library is released under the MIT license.

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