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    BladeRunnerJS (BRJS) is an open source development toolkit and framework for modular construction of large single-page HTML5 apps. It consists of a set of conventions, supporting tools and micro-libraries that make it easy to develop, test, deploy and maintain complex JavaScript apps.
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    BladeRunnerJS (BRJS)

    Divide & conquer complex web apps

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    Getting Started

    The best way to get started depends on why you're here.


    The main documentation for BRJS can be found via The source code for the documentation can be found via so if you find any error or have any suggestions please submit a pull request.

    API reference guides are coming soon.

    BRJS Core Toolkit Development

    If you are interested in contributing to the BRJS core toolkit then the following information is of use.

    How to build BRJS

    Get the code

    git clone
    cd brjs

    Install JDK

    BRJS is written and compiled using Java 8. Before running the build you will need to do the following:

    • Install Java 8 JDKs.
    • Configure JAVA_HOME to point to the Java 8 JDK home directory, as you prefer.
    • Configure the path environment variable to include $JAVA_HOME/bin.

    If you install Java using the Windows installer than it places a 'java' executable in 'C:\windows\system32' that proxies to the most recently installed version of Java. You will either need to install your preferred implementation of Java last, or ensure that the path to the Java 'bin' directory appears before 'C:\windows\system32'.

    Build a Distributable Zip

    From the root brjs source directory:

    $ ./gradlew brjs-sdk:distZip

    The built zip file will be found in BRJS_ROOT/brjs-sdk/build/distributions/ in the format

    More information

    See the BRJS Developer Setup Guide for more information. See how the BRJS team use Github and git.

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