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    Canvas Engine

    Framework for HTML5 Canvas oriented 2D video games
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    Canvas Engine


    Framework to create video games in HTML5 Canvas

    Get Started

    Follow the steps below to start:

    1. Download the code canvasengine-X.Y.Z.all.min.js on Github or this website
    2. Add this code in your page :

       <!DOCTYPE html>
       <script src="canvasengine-X.Y.Z.all.min.js"></script>
       <canvas id="canvas_id" width="640" height="480"></canvas>
    1. Initialize the canvas in your JS file :

       var canvas = CE.defines("canvas_id").ready(function() {    

    Method ready is called when the canvas is ready (DOM loaded)

    Use development files

    Development files allows you to improve or correct CanvasEngine. To do this, insert these two files:

        <!DOCTYPE html>
        <script src="core/engine-common.js"></script>
        <script src="canvasengine.js"></script>
        <canvas id="canvas_id" width="640" height="480"></canvas>

    View other branches of CanvasEngine on Github, you'll other version under development

    If you want to use features (Animation, Input, etc), add the appropriate files :

    <script src="extends/Animation.js"></script>

    If you develop or modify a feature, you can use the global variable Global_CE to use other features.

    Example :

    // In extends/your_feacture.js, function() {

    Your code

    Your code contains classe(s) :

    Class.create("My_Class", {

    The developer can use this class in his game. You can also add code like this:

    var My_Class = {
        My_Class: {
            New: function) {
                return Class.New("My_Class");

    it will use the namespace defined initially by the user :

    var canvas = CE.defines("canvas_id").extend(My_Class).ready(function() {    "MyScene");
      name: "MyScene",
      ready: function(stage) {
         var foo = canvas.My_Class.New();


    Try to properly document the code for developer :

        @doc my_class
        @class Definition of "My Class"
    Class.create("My_Class", {
      @doc my_class/
      @method foo ...
      @param bar {String} ...
         foo: function(bar) {



    Low-level API

    • Fullscreen support (Supported platforms).
    • Multiple image file formats: DDS, JPG, PNG and TGA.
      • Define a transparent color
    • Scene Structure
      • Overlay scenes
      • Pause scene
    • Multiplayer model
    • Preloading
      • Get the percentage of loading
    • Elements Manipulation
      • Manipulation : jQuery syntaxe
      • Draw : HTML5 Canvas API syntaxe
    • Utilities
      • merge object
      • class


    • Dialog box with the outline
    • Cursor


    • Set an animation from a spritesheet
    • Frequence and animation speed
    • Sequence of multiple image
    • Creating a custom animation with multiple sequences
    • Display once, loop or temporary

    Timeline (aka Tween)

    • Easy to make interpolations effects
    • 29 Effects :
      • easeInQuad, easeOutQuad, easeInCubic, easeOutCubic, etc.
    • Loop


    • Entities model
    • Test collision with virtual grid
    • Polygon intersection and Contains Point.


    • Set maximum line width
    • Display effect
      • Line by line
      • Character by character
    • font file formats : TTF, EOT
    • external fonts
      • Google Fonts
      • Fontdeck
      • Typekit


    • Multiple sound file formats: OGG, WAV, MP3.
    • Fading effects
    • Web Audio or SoundManager2


    • Change tone screen
    • Perform a flash
    • Shake screen


    Level Design

    Save & Load

    • Encoding with BISON.js

    Spritesheet Management


    • Access to input types: Keyboard, Mouse, Xbox360 Pad, Joysticks
    • click, dbclick, mousemove, mouseup, mousedown, mouseout, mouseover*
    • Multi-Touch with Hammer.js :
      • hold
      • tap
      • doubletap
      • drag, dragstart, dragend, dragup, dragdown, dragleft, dragright
      • swipe, swipeup, swipedown, swipeleft, swiperight
      • transform, transformstart, transformend
      • rotate
      • pinch, pinchin, pinchout
      • touch (gesture detection starts)
      • release (gesture detection ends)

    Roadmap (in order)


    • Box2d
    • Synchronized multi canvas (local multiplayer)


    • Users and Groups Management for multiplayer model
    • CSS drawing

    Test performance




    v1.4.0 (dev)

    • Add functionality : User Interface
      • Preset
      • Button
      • Tooltip
      • Drag&Drop
      • Background
    • Add weather effects : rain(), snow() and storm()
    • Improves offset(). Possibility of using top and bottom to place events
    • Improves options in Animation class
    • Fix event mouse when canvas resized and center the canvas in full screen
    • Fix using of several parameters in to() in Timeline class
    • Fix Mouseover for child elements
    • Avoid event propagation of key pressed


    • Add element:attrChange event
    • Add of called() method in the scene
    • Improves measureText(). Returns text height
    • Improves fillText(). Ability to center the text in an element
    • Improves each(). Possible to iterate an object
    • Improves set() in Spritesheet class. tile parameter is optional
    • Improves Scene.preload() and Materials.load() with a parameter material in callback function
    • Fix change size of a DOM element
    • Fix arguments of fillRect()
    • Fix using the method of traversing if index of an element is changed
    • Fix display elements in the preload() method of the scene
    • Input.restore() and Input.memorize deleted


    • Possibility to use several times the commands for drawing - (TheOnly92)
    • Improves fillRect() and strokeRect() by adding rounded corners
    • Add multiple property in Context class
    • Add fillCircle() and strokeCircle() in Context class
    • Add cache() and uncache() in Element class
    • Add remove() and isStopped() in Animation class and add() improved
    • Marshal class compatible with Node.js
    • Add getStack() ind Marshall class and dump(), load() improved
    • Add exist() in Spritesheet class
    • Add html() and css() in Element class for DOM layer
    • Add next(), prev(), last(), first(), eq(), find(), findAttr() in Element class for traversing
    • Add support for tile image dimensions that differ from the tile layer dimensions in Tiled class (scottbw)
    • Add rotation and flip in Tiled class (TheOnly92)
    • Display objects in Tiled class
    • getLayerObject() changed in Tiled class
    • Fix getLayer() in Tiled class
    • Fix display when an object layer is present in Tiled class
    • Fix bug where variables would not properly reset in Animation class (SomeKittens)
    • Fix bug with IE if gamepad
    • Fix click event and scrolling in fullscreen
    • Fix textAlign and lineCap properties
    • Caching of sound already loaded


    • Add transition effects in scenes
    • Add loading fonts, json and videos
    • Add using Google Fonts
    • Add Using WebCam
    • multiplayer model improved
      • emit to specific scenes
      • assignEvents()
      • loadEvents() in Scene Class
      • CE.connectServer() and
      • Using Tiled and Hit classes
      • Compatible with Express 3
      • Documentation Improved
      • Tested with Node.js > 0.10.0
    • Add getImageData(), putImageData(), createImageData() and toDataURL() in Canvas class
    • Add arcTo() and isPointInPath() in Context class
    • Add opaqueImage() in Materials class
    • Add toTimer() in CanvasEngine Core
    • Add toMatrix() and rotateMatrix() in CanvasEngine Core
    • Add remove() in Window class
    • Add to Tiled Map Editor : spacing, margin and tile offset
    • Add setPropertyByCell(), passableCell() and pathfinding() in Grid class
    • Fix invertColor() in Materials class
    • Fix flip an element
    • Fix click on transparent image
    • Removes forceEvent property and adding the method forceEvent()
    • Improve imageToCanvas() in Materials class
    • Improve getBasePath() in Materials class
    • Ability to use the DOM to display the canvas


    • Add extend() in CanvasEngine Core (Doc)
    • Add soundmanager option in defines() (Doc)
    • Add ignoreLoadError option in defines() (Doc)
    • Removal addMethod() in Element class
    • Fix no recreating the sound if already created (with SoundManager2)
    • Rendering performance increased


    • Add setSize() in Canvas class (Doc)
    • Add isFullscreen() in Canvas class (Doc)
    • Add mouse position in trigger parameters (Doc)
    • Disable context menu by default (Doc)


    • Fix loop animation
    • Add patternSize property in Animation Class (Doc)


    • Fix getMousePosition (Doc)


    • Fix materials loading as {id: Number, path: String} (Doc)
    • Fix mouseover and mouseout (Doc)
    • Add mouveEvent property in Canvas class (Doc)
    • Force ready method of canvas if the DOM is already loaded (Doc)


    • Fix scene reloaded
    • Fix sounds for iOS


    • Add getBasePath method in Materials class
    • Add getFilename method in Materials class
    • Add mousedown et mouseup events
    • Add zIndex method in Scene class
    • Fix mulit-touch gestures on touchpads
    • Improve loading sounds


    • Add Text feature
    • Add Effect feature
    • Add Cursor feature in Window class
    • Add off method in Element class
    • Add scroll method in Window class
    • Add invertColor method in Materials class
    • Add forceEvent property in Element class
    • Add hasCmd method in Context class
    • Add propagationOpacity property in Element Class
    • Add mouseScroll method in Scrolling class
    • Add random method in CanvasEngine Core
    • Add freeze property in Scrolling class
    • Add mobileUserAgent method in CanvasEngine core
    • Fix event "canvas:render" when element is hidden
    • Fix clip method in Context class
    • Fix name attribute in Element class
    • Fix value 0 in Timeline class
    • Fix press method in Input class
    • Fix load method in Materials class
    • Fix animation construct in Animation class
    • Fix load sound in cache
    • Fix scrolling
    • Fix measureText method in Canvas class
    • Fix draw map in Tiled class
    • Fix testCell method in Hit class
    • Fix intersectsWith method in Polygon class
    • Fix animation loop in Animation class
    • Improve children method in Element class
    • Improve position method in Window class
    • Improve append method in Element class
    • Improve clone method in Element class
    • Improve reset method in Input class
    • Improve load and dump methods in Marshal class
    • Improve new method in CanvasEngine class
    • Improve classes in Hit class
    • Improve isPressed method in Input class
    • Merge Hammer.js in CanvasEngine for multi touch feature


    • Add testCell method in Grid class
    • Add removeCmd method in Element class
    • Add origin points in parameters in set method in SpriteSheet class
    • Changing getEntityCells method in Grid Class
    • Fix imageToCanvas method in Materials class
    • Fix frequence in Animation class
    • Fix set method in SpriteSheet class for windows
    • getPropertyByCell method in Hit class returns undefined if column or row doesn't exist


    • Add specific image param in animation
    • Add position param in animation
    • Add getStage method in Scene class
    • Add getEnabled method in Scene class
    • Add collision feature
    • Add Window feature
    • Add overlay scenes
    • Add moveArray method in CanvasEngine Object
    • Add offset method in Element Class
    • Add position method in Element Class
    • Add pack method in Element Class
    • Add unpack method in Element Class
    • Add detach method in Element Class
    • Add children method in Element Class
    • Add removeAttr method in Element Class
    • Add prepend method in Element Class
    • Add zIndex method in Element Class
    • Add zIndexBefore method in Element Class
    • Fix reload scene
    • Fix click on multi scene
    • Fix click on element witch opacity < 1
    • Improving draw performance
    • Improving documentation (markdown)



    • Move clear method (Context class -> Canvas class)
    • Change exit method in Scene Class
    • Add multi scenes feature.
    • Add togglePause method in Scene Class
    • Add pause method in Scene Class
    • Add isEnabled method in Scene Class
    • Add exitAll method in Scene Class
    • Add eventExist method in Element Class
    • Add alias for new method : New
    • Improves the performance of clicks
    • Fix Info of tile size
    • Fix "this_" in Marshal class
    • Improving documentation


    • Change addLoopListener method
    • Ignore loading music if the type is not supported
    • Add getExtension method in Materials class
    • Add remove method in Marshal class
    • Add special events defined by a namespace (methods: refresh)
    • Add moveTo, lineTo, quadraticCurveTo, bezierCurveTo in Context
    • Add addMethod method in Context Class
    • Addition to loading the canvas for CocoonJS)
    • Fix save and load (IE9+)
    • Fix reference of image loaded (for CocoonJS)
    • Fix click on element
    • Fix Gamepad (Google Chrome)
    • Fix extend Context Class
    • Fix positions of a element's children resized
    • Fix origin point of element's children
    • Improving documentation


    • Fix restart of animations (Animation Class)
    • Fix children elements opacity
    • Fix reading some element properties
    • Fix positions of a element resized
    • Add rgbToHex method in CanvasEngine object
    • Add pattern method in Spritesheet class
    • Add cropImage method in Materials class
    • Add transparentColor method in Materials class
    • Add imageToCanvas method in Materials class
    • Add getScene method in Element class
    • Add createPattern method in Canvas class
    • Add createLinearGradient method in Canvas class
    • Add createRadialGradient method in Canvas class
    • Add addColorStop method in Canvas class
    • Add measureText method in Canvas class
    • Improving performance click
    • Improving the get method in Materials class
    • Improving documentation


    • Fix animated images
    • Improving documentation


    Not indicated


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    • Initial Release

    Examples and Demos


    MIT. Free for commercial use.

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