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    Classing Js

    Brings the world of classical OOP to javascript
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    ######current version : v1.1.2 Javascript's prototypal object oriented style, although powerful, is tedious, specially for those who come to javascript from a classical object oriented language like C++, Java or C#.
    Classing{js} is created to solve this problem by creating a classical-like OOP interface that behaves almost exactly like any regular classical object oriented environment.

    #Install via NPM npm install classing-js

    Include the module in your application through require:

    var classing = require('classing-js');


    • Typed and non-typed function overloading with the ability to recognize custom types.

    • Creating All types of classes : concrete , final concrete and abstract.

    • Defining components in any of the three access levels : private , protected and public.

    • Defining abstrcat and final methods.

    • Defining static components.

    • Extending any non-final class.

    • Overriding non-final methods in derived classes.

    • Accessing the base class constructor and components through the keyword base.

    • Creating and implemeting mutiple interfaces.

    Visit the the library's website for more info
    Start a quick tutorial to learn how to use the library
    Follow Classing{js} on Twitter to keep up with what's new.

    Take a look of what you can do with Classing{js}: alt tag alt tag

    ##Your Contributions are Valuable There's a lot more to be done in Classing{js}, and your contribution will certailny help acheving this whether it is:

    • a bug report.
    • a code optimization.
    • a new feature.
    • an expansion to other javascript platform.
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