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    Devextreme Reactive

    DevExtreme Reactive Components
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    DevExtreme Reactive · CircleCI NPM

    DevExtreme Reactive is a set of business React components that deeply integrate with Bootstrap and Material-UI libraries.

    Common Features

    • Composable and extendable plugin-based architecture
    • 100% Native React (no jQuery or other dependencies)
    • High performance by using React best practicies
    • Material-UI, Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 3 integration with seamless theming
    • Controlled (stateless) and uncontrolled (stateful) modes
    • Redux integration with state persistence and time-traveling

    React Data Grid

    Website | Demos | Docs

    React Chart

    Website | Demos | Docs

    React Scheduler

    Website | Demos | Docs

    Note: You can also use the alternative project with 65+ React components. Refer to the comparison blog post for more information.


    DevExtreme licensing.

    Support & Feedback

    Use GitHub Issues for reporting bugs, questions, and feature requests. If you own an active DevExtreme license, you can contact us at the Support Center.

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