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    Foundational Framework for NodeJS Web Services
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    Dozer is a system for rapidly developing services to support front-end applications.

    It's not a framework, not a toolkit, rather Dozer aims to be a maleable and unopinionated foundation for developing RESTful API's and web services to support front-end development.

    Dozer creates a core server environment using NodeJS and the Express framework then allows you to build api endpoints, database models, components and adapters which all work together to provide the services required on the front-end.

    Getting Started

    Quick Start

    DozerJS has an npm available to make creating new instances simple. To get started install the npm globally:

    npm install dozerjs -g

    Then simply run the dozerjs npm via the following:

    dozerjs create NewProject

    Which will create the project with all neccesary assets and dependencies in the directory ./NewProject.

    For additional information on using the command client please visit the npm page.

    Manual Installation

    To get the foundation up and running simply clone it locally then run npm install to install the dependencies.


    DozerJS is released under the MIT-style license and as such is open to modification and redistribution based upon the terms of the license.

    More Information

    For more information on DozerJS, usage, concepts and examples please visit the DozerJS website.

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