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    A jQuery plugin that analyses the string and automatically embeds emojis, media, maps, tweets, code and services.
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    A lightweight JavaScript plugin to embed emojis, media, maps, tweets, code and services.

    This is the documentation for v5. If you are looking for docs of v4 you can get them here.

    Edit embed.js - demo


    • Supported: supports IE8+ (assuming Promise is polyfilled)
    • Plugin Based: only load what you want.
    • Isomorphic: Can be used both on server and client side.
    • Customizable: So much that creating a custom plugin is also few lines of code.
    • Modern: written in ES2015



    To install the stable version:

    npm install --save embed-js


    Basic Usage

    You need to use plugins or presets to do anything. By default embed-js does nothing.

    Let's assume that the HTML structure is as written below

    <div id="element">
       <!--===== your string here =======-->

    Creating an instance of embed.js

    import EmbedJS from 'embed-js'
    import url from 'embed-plugin-url'
    import emoji from 'embed-plugin-emoji'
    const x = new EmbedJS({
      input: document.getElementById('element'),
      plugins: [

    Next step is replacing the original text with the processed text.

    //Render the result

    There may be cases where you just want the processed string to use it according to your need. You can get it by the following method. This can be used on the server side to get the string. Still if the plugin involves interactions, you will have to load it on the client side.

    //Get the resulting string
    x.text().then(({ result }) => {
      console.log(result); //The resulting string

    If you wan't to destroy the instance. It will also replace the processed string with the original string.

    //Destroy the instance


    option default Description
    plugins [] Accepts an array of plugins.
    preset null Accepts a preset. Currently accpets only one preset. It can be combined with plugins.
    inlineEmbed true If case you want to to embed contents at the end of texts, turn this to false.
    replaceUrl false Useful when inlineEmbed is set to true. Replace text with the embed.
    fetch window.fetch or window.unfetch If you are willing to use the library on both server and client side you need to pass an isomorphic fetch library like isomorphic-unfetch or isomorphic-fetch. This is only needed if you are using a plugin that has to make a HTTP request.


    1. Fork the repo
    2. clone the repo then cd embed.js
    3. create a new branch
    4. Then npm install && yarn build:watch
    5. Create a PR

    Note: This projects adheres to a Code of Conduct.


    MIT © Ritesh Kumar

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