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    🌀Ethereum-Ready & Framework-Agnostic Redux Store Configuration
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    Ethereum-Ready & Framework-Agnostic Redux Store Configuration


    ethvtx is an Ethereum-Ready & Framework-Agnostic Redux configuration. This package contains all the tools to build an efficient Redux store for your Dapp. Our goal was to create a tool that will allow Dapp developers to efficiently fetch and manipulate informations about the Ethereum Blockchain. By minimizing the amount of requests and by caching and reusing as much data as possible, we decrease the impact that our apps have on the Ethereum nodes.

    A complete set of dispatcher and getters are exposed to the developer and can be used directly inside any of the mapStateToProps or mapDispatchToProps functions to properly recover informations or emit actions.

    The store handles transactions, accounts, contracts and blocks. Each single section has its own set of dispatchers and getters, and all are well documented in the official documentation,


    npm install --save ethvtx redux redux-saga

    More informations here


    An extensive usage documentation can be found here

    Questions ? Join the chat at !


    Embark Showcase Project

    There is an example project showcasing how to use ethvtx in an embark project.

    It can be found here

    React TS Showcase Application

    The repository contains a complete React Typescript Showcase.

    To setup the showcase, run:

    git clone
    cd ethvtx
    npm install
    npm run build
    cd examples
    npm run setup

    Then, from the examples directory, run:

    npm run start

    You can then visit the app from http://localhost:3000. Be sure to have Metamask installed, and quadruple-check that you aren't on the Main Ethereum Network before testing transactions :) .


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