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    Modern progress bar for form completion.
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    A modern progress bar for form completion. Check out the demo!

    Getting Started

    1. Add JS file

    <script src=""></script>

    2. Create a form

    <form class="fort">
        <input type="text" placeholder="Name">
        <input type="email" placeholder="Email">

    3. Call Fort with your desired effect, target class, and color(s)

    new Fort('.fort').solid("#6638F0");

    Ignoring fields:

    Add the fort-ignore class to a field to ignore it from counting towards the progress.

    <input type="text" placeholder="Name" class="fort-ignore">


    Changing the colors:

    • Solid - Fort('.target').solid("#009DFF")
    • Gradient - Fort('.target').gradient("#009DFF", "#47B9FF") Note: Only pass two color values.


    Please fork the repo and create a pull request. You can also simply open an issue with the tag "enhancement".


    This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


    Fort.js is authored and maintained by Idris Khenchil

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