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    Javascript Matrix and Vector library for High Performance WebGL apps
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    Javascript has evolved into a language capable of handling realtime 3D graphics, via WebGL, and computationally intensive tasks such as physics simulations. These types of applications demand high performance vector and matrix math, which is something that Javascript doesn't provide by default. glMatrix to the rescue!

    glMatrix is designed to perform vector and matrix operations stupidly fast! By hand-tuning each function for maximum performance and encouraging efficient usage patterns through API conventions, glMatrix will help you get the most out of your browsers Javascript engine.

    Learn More

    For documentation and news, visit the glMatrix Homepage

    For a tutorial, see the "introducing glMatrix" section of Introduction to Computer Graphics by David J. Eck

    For a babel plugin to make writing the API nicer, see babel-plugin-transfrom-gl-matrix

    Regarding the current performance in modern web browsers, calling glMatrix.setMatrixArrayType(Array) to use normal arrays instead of Float32Arrays can greatly increase the performance.

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