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    Golden Layout

    The ultimate Javascript layout manager
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    Golden Layout

    NPM version License

    Please note that this project is currently undergoing a larger maintenance and refactoring, we're targeting a 2.0 release somewhere in H1 2020.


    • Full touch support
    • Native popup windows
    • Completely themeable
    • Comprehensive API
    • Powerful persistence
    • Works in IE8+, Firefox, Chrome
    • Reponsive design

    Installation / Usage

    IMPORTANT: This section refers to the unreleased 2.0 version of golden-layout, so keep this in mind and use the v1.5.9 tag for current works.

    golden-layout is shipped via npm, so to use it, run npm i -S golden-layout. If you are using webpack or another module bundler, you may wish to install it as dev-dep instead. We are shipping an UMD version, an ES5 + ES-Module version and an ES2015+ES-Module version of the library within the package. Modern bundlers such as webpack should pick up the ES2015 version and transpile the code according to your applications configuration.

    Demo App

    We have a demo application embedded within this repository, to run it, run:

    git clone
    cd golden-layout
    npm ci # (or npm i, if you use an old npm version)
    npm run start-jquery
    # the app is served at localhost:3000 and uses hot-reload, so you can hack right away within the library and the application.


    Internally, we are using webpack and babel to have a build process. To get started, follow the steps described in demo-app. You can get a complete build by running npm run build, which will compile all versions of the app into the dist folder.

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