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    The only script in your HEAD. Head JS loads JavaScript files in parallel like images without blocking the page. Your page will be faster. Even with a single combined file.
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    This project is no longer maintained, but was the only solution back in the day, to do responsive design with IE6 & co ^^

    Latest Version: v1.0.3 :: Docs | Downloads

    Responsive Design, Feature Detections, and Resource Loading

    • Speed up your apps: Load JS & CSS asyncronously and in parallel, but execute them in order
    • Load one asset if a condition is met, else fallback and load a different one
    • Manage script dependencies, and execute callbacks once they are loaded
    • Cross-browser compatible « pseudo media-queries » let you code against different resolutions & devices
    • Fix quirks in specific browsers by quickly applying dedicated CSS/JS logic
    • Detect various browsers & their versions
    • Check if the client supports a certain Browser, HTML5, or CSS3 feature
    • Automatically generates JS and CSS classes for browsers & features that where detected
    • Automatically generates CSS classes, to know what page or section a user is viewing
    • Know if the user is in landscape or portrait mode
    • Or whether the client is using a mobile or desktop device
    • Get old browsers to support HTML5 elements like nav, sidebar, header, footer, ...
    • ...
    • Make it, The only script in your <HEAD>
      • A concise solution to universal problems


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