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    An automated front-end setup
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    Headstart, an automated front-end setup

    Headstart is an all-in-one task runner that frees front-end developers of the little worries that come along with modern web development. If you ever wanted to use tools like Grunt or Gulp, but found the configuration too troublesome, you will probably like this pre-configured setup better.

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    ♥ Feedback

    What did you like? What didn't you like? Did you get stuck somewhere? Where the docs easy to follow, or did you give up at a certain point?

    This is a one-man project, so some approaches might be personated. Nevertheless, Headstart is meant to be used by other people as well, so your feedback is very valuable!

    Mail me anything at all or add an issue.


    For all updates, follow @headstartio on Twitter.
    Changes can be found on the changelog page.

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