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    A Scaleable & Light Image Hover CSS Library
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    A Scaleable & Light Image Hover CSS Library

    Imagehover.css is a lovingly crafted CSS library allowing you to easily implement scaleable image hover effects. Choose from over 40 hover effect classes from a CSS library weighing in at a minified size of only 19KB.

    Check out all the hover effects here!


      npm install imagehover.css


    Basic Usage

    1. Include the stylesheet on your document's <head>

       <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/imagehover.min.css">
    2. Place the following markup in to your HTML document

      <figure class="imghvr-fade">
       <img src="#">
         // Hover Content
    3. Edit the URL to your image and add your hover content. Then simply set the imagehover.css class of your choice to the containing figure element. In the example above this has been set to 'imghvr-fade'. A full list of hover effects and their classes can be found here!.

    To link your image, add an empty <a> tag just after the figcaption element.

      <figure class="imghvr-fade">
        <img src="#">
          // Hover Content
        <a href=""></a>


    .scss source files are available if you use Sass as your CSS precompiler. It’s customizable and modular.

    Customizing variables

    Imagehover.css provides a _custom.scss file for easy overriding of default variables in /scss/_variables.scss. Copy and paste relevant lines from there into the _custom.scss file, modify the values, and recompile your Sass to change our default values. Be sure to remove the !default flag from override values.

    For example, to change out the background-color and color for the <figcaption>, you'd do the following:

      // Imagehover.css overrides
      // Copy variables from `_variables.scss` to this file to override default values without modifying source files.
      $figcaption-bg:  #1a480a; // Green
      $text-color:     #9C3636; // Red

    Variable List

    You can find and customize these variables in the _variables.scss file.

    Variable Values Description
    $image-bg #2266a5 (default), or any valid CSS color value Specifies the background-color for the image.
    $figcaption-bg #135796 (default), or any valid CSS color value Specifies the background-color for the figcaption element.
    $figcaption-padding 30px (default), or any length or percentage Sets the padding on the figcaption element.
    $text-color #ffffff (default), or any valid CSS color value Sets the text color for the figcaption element and any child <h*> elements.
    $border-color #ffffff (default), or any valid CSS color value Sets the text border-color for ...
    $border-margin 5px (default), or any valid length ...
    $border-width 4px (default), or any valid length ...
    $transition-duration 0.35s (default), or any valid time value Sets the transition duration for the animation.
    $shift-distance 10px (default), or any valid length ...

    Browser Support

    Chrome Firefox Edge IE Safari Opera
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