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    The new programming language for web apps
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    if ruby and react had an indentation-based child, what would it look like?

    Imba is a new programming language for the web that compiles to performant and readable JavaScript. It has language level support for defining, extending, subclassing, instantiating and rendering dom nodes.


    To get started with Imba, we recommend reading through the official guide. If you just want to get going, clone hello-world-imba and follow the readme. Check out the awesome-imba list for more resources.


    Bi-Weekly Imba Community Meeting

    Everyone is welcome! The developer meetings are usually on Monday's every 2 weeks. This is a great place to report your issues, hangout and talk about your project using Imba. If you have an open pull request which has not seen attention, you can ping during the meeting.


    For questions and support please use our community chat on gitter.



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