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    The new programming language for web apps
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    Imba is a friendly full-stack programming language for the web that compiles to performant JavaScript. It has language level support for defining, extending, subclassing, instantiating and rendering DOM nodes.

    Get started

    npx imba create hello-world
    cd hello-world
    npm start


    To get started with Imba, we recommend reading through the official guide.


    Forum Join the chat at

    Imba Community Meeting

    Everyone is welcome! This is a great place to report your issues, hangout and talk about your project using Imba. If you have an open pull request which has not seen attention, you can ping during the meeting.

    For the exact meeting times please use the Meetup group Imba Oslo Meetup, this is where you can see the timezone, cancellations, etc.

    You can join us remotely via Zoom.

    Did you miss a meeting? No worries, catch up via the meeting notes or video recordings.


    For questions and support please use our community chat on Discord.



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