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    An image processing library written entirely in JavaScript for Node, with zero external or native dependencies.
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    JavaScript Image Manipulation Program

    An image processing library for Node written entirely in JavaScript, with zero native dependencies.

    Installation: npm install --save jimp

    API documentation can be found in the main jimp package

    Notice of potentially breaking change

    As of v0.10.4, core-js is no longer included with jimp or its extensions. If you rely on core-js, install it with either yarn add core-js or npm i core-js


    :hammer: cli - Jimp as a CLI program. Can load and run all plugins

    Supported Image Types

    Image Manipulation Methods (Default Plugins)

    • blit - Blit an image onto another.
    • blur - Quickly blur an image.
    • color - Various color manipulation methods.
    • contain - Contain an image within a height and width.
    • cover - Scale the image so the given width and height keeping the aspect ratio.
    • displace - Displaces the image based on a displacement map
    • dither - Apply a dither effect to an image.
    • flip - Flip an image along it's x or y axis.
    • gaussian - Hardcore blur.
    • invert - Invert an images colors
    • mask - Mask one image with another.
    • normalize - Normalize the colors in an image
    • print - Print text onto an image
    • resize - Resize an image.
    • rotate - Rotate an image.
    • scale - Uniformly scales the image by a factor.

    Extra Plugins

    • circle - Creates a circle out of an image.
    • shadow - Creates a shadow on an image.
    • fisheye - Apply a fisheye effect to an image.
    • threshold - Lighten an image. Good for scanned drawing and signatures.

    :rocket: If you want to add your plugins to this list make a PR! :rocket:

    Custom Jimp

    If you want to extend jimp or omit types or functions visit @jimp/custom.

    • Add file-types or switch encoder/decoders
    • Add add/remove plugins (image manipulation methods)


    Basically clone, change, test, push and pull request.

    Please read the CONTRIBUTING documentation.


    Jimp is licensed under the MIT license. Open Sans is licensed under the Apache license

    Project Using Jimp

    :star: nimp - Node based image manipulator. Procedurally create and edit images.

    :star: favicons - A Node.js module for generating favicons and their associated files.

    :star: node-vibrant - Extract prominent colors from an image.

    :star: lqip - Low Quality Image Placeholders (LQIP) Module for Node

    :star: webpack-pwa-manifest - A webpack plugin that generates a 'manifest.json' for your Progressive Web Application, with auto icon resizing and fingerprinting support.

    :star: wdio-screenshot - A WebdriverIO plugin. Additional commands for taking screenshots with WebdriverIO.

    :star: asciify-image - Convert images to ASCII art

    :star: node-sprite-generator - Generates image sprites and their spritesheets (css, stylus, sass, scss or less) from sets of images. Supports retina sprites.

    :star: merge-img - Merge multiple images into a single image

    :star: postcss-resemble-image - Provide a gradient fallback for an image that loosely resembles the original.

    :star: differencify - Perceptual diffing tool

    :star: gifwrap - A Jimp-compatible library for working with GIFs

    :star: replace-color - Replace color with another one pixel by pixel

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