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    Css3 Finalize

    Tired of adding prefix for each broswer when it comes to the new css3 attributes?
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    CSS 3 Finalize

    With this plugin you can write CSS without the vendor prefixes. The plugin takes care of it and will automatically add vendor prefixes. This will save time and the pain of rewriting same attribute many times.

    For example the css3 attribute transform need to have the prefix

    • -moz- in Firefox
    • -ms- in Internet explorer
    • -webkit- in Chrome, Safari

    How to use

    Simply add this line of code to your site

    <script src=""></script>

    Once the script is loaded it will search for style-tags and link-tags (within same domain) and parse them.

    Manual loading

    If you don't want the script to automatically load and parse then you could set this code

    // Disable autoload
    // DOM is ready
    jQuery(function($) { 
        // Start parse
        $('style, link').cssFinalize();


    // Which node CSS3 Finalize should read and add vendor prefixes
    node : 'style,link',
    // If it should add the vendor prefixes
    append : true,
    // This will be called for each nodes after vendor prefixes have been appended
    callback : function(css) {}


    This script has been tested in IE 10-11, FF, Webkit

    Some notes

    • The script can only read link-tags where it source are from same domain.
    • Link-tags cannot be read on webkit and Opera on local files.


    You can leave out the prefix when setting a style in jQuery css method.


    $('a').css({'width' : 'calc(100% - 80px)', 'column-width' : 10});

    In normal case you would have needed to add a prefix

    $('a').css({'width' : '-webkit-calc(100% - 80px)', '-moz-column-width' : 10});


    Example using less.js post processing together with this script

    less = {
        postProcessor: function(css) {
            var processedCSS = css;
            if ($.cssFinalize) {
                    'append' : false,
                    'callback': function(css) {
                        processedCSS += $.cssFinalize.cssObjToText(css);
            return processedCSS;


    I appreciate all feedback, thanks! If you would like to donate you can send to this Bitcoin address 1FCT3xhLBRD1MUxnS1ppcLrbH9SCeZpu6D

    Change log

    2014-10-18 - v4.1.0

    • Add Bower integration (codler #26)
    • Add CSS @supports support

    2014-08-16 - v4.0.1

    • Fix detect property flex in IE10 (codler #25)

    2014-05-24 - v4.0.0

    Version 4 have been updated to support IE10+ and other modern browsers. CSS Flex fallback support


    2013-03-29 - v3.4.0

    • Fix for jQuery 2.0b2 (codler)

    2013-02-23 - v3.3

    2012-11-30 - v3.2

    • Fix detect shorthand properties in webkit. (codler #20)
    • Fix flex for IE10 (codler)

    2012-09-06 - v3.1

    • Remove prefixing flex in cssHooks. (codler #18)

    2012-08-21 - v3.0

    The time has come to drop support for older browser.

    Version 3 have been updated to support IE9+ and latest version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera since they have auto update.

    The minified version is alot smaller now.

    Fixes old bugs


    2012-08-19 - v2.5

    2012-05-07 - v2.4

    • Replaced string indexing with call to .charAt() for IE7 compatibility. (mkantor #14)

    2012-02-14 - v2.3

    • Fix issue #12, prefix border-radius in FF3.6 and safari 4. (codler #12)

    2012-02-09 - v2.2

    • Fix valueRules in CSSHooks. (codler)

    ... See commit log ...

    2011-08-08 - v1.45

    • Opacity shim only on <=IE8. (codler)
    • Fix for a IE transparency/click bug. (r3gis3r #8)

    ... See commit log ...

    2010-10-26 - v1.0

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