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    jQuery Snipe

    jQuery plugin to add a sniper-lens-style zoom on images
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    Sniper-lens-style zoom on images.

    Get started, check the demos and the docs on

    Quick Start

    Get the minified script and target your images with a data-zoom attribute, which its value is the high definition image (what will appear in the lens)

    <!-- In your html file -->
    <img src="normal.jpg" data-zoom="large.jpg">
    // In your javascript file or tag

    More details

    See it in action


    Clone the repository :

    git clone

    In the plugin folder, get the dependencies :

    npm install

    Then setup the whole thing :

    cake setup --dev

    You should use --dev only if you need the test suite

    The plugin is written in coffeescript and tested with buster.js

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