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    jQuery Tourbus

    A jQuery tour/walkthrough plugin.
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    jQuery TourBus

    A tour/walkthrough plugin for developers. It includes limited automatic behavior, more like a 'toolkit' than some of the others out there.


    CoffeeScript and LESS source files are available in src while compiled/pre-processed/minified files are in dist. Wire up your asset packager appropriately or include the css and js by hand old-school:

    <script src='path/to/jquery.min.js'></script>
    <script src='path/to/jquery-tourbus.min.js'></script>
    <link href='path/to/jquery-tourbus.min.css' media='all' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' />

    jQuery is the only dependency. I think technically it will be able to support Zepto without too much difficulty.


    Docs coming to this readme at some point, but for now you'll find all the details and a demo on the website.


    This project uses grunt plus an npm package.json for development (the plugin itself is not on npm). That means you can hack on it by forking the repo and:

    $ npm install -g grunt-cli
    $ git clone<you>/jquery-tourbus.git
    $ cd jquery-tourbus
    $ npm install
    $ grunt build
    $ open site/index.html # on OSX, opens the demo site in your browser

    Other useful tasks:

    # run headless tests
    $ grunt test
    # build test js/etc and open them in your browser
    $ grunt build coffee:test
    $ open test/runner/basic.html
    # clean up minified source in site/ and compiled tests in test/
    $ grunt clean
    # watch for changes to sources and build
    $ grunt watch:dev
    # watch for changes to tests and build
    $ grunt watch:test
    # prepare compiled/minified sources for deploy
    $ grunt dist

    If you're working on a pull request, please remember to work on a local branch instead of master.


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