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    json2html is a free javascript HTML templating library with wrappers for both jQuery and Node.js. Using custom defined JSON transforms json2html will convert a set of JSON objects, such as an RSS feed into HTML.
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    json2html is an open source javascript library that uses json templates to render JSON objects into HTML.

    Build lightning fast, interactive client side templates using nothing but javascript.

    Free to use under the MIT license. for full documentation.


    • Native JS templates that work both the client and server
    • Interactive with embedded events directly in your templates
    • 100% Javascript so no need to learn any new syntax: use inline js functions for complex logic


            {"name": "Sasha", "age":27},
            {"name": "Bobby", "age":45}
        {"<>": "li", "html":[
            {"<>": "span", "text": "${name} (${age} years old)"}

    Will render the following html

        <span>Sasha (27 years old)</span>
        <span>Bobby (45 years old)</span>


    Use seemlessly with jQuery, oh did we also mention that you can embed events in your template? Forget attaching your events after you've rendered your templates.

     {"<>":"button","text":"Click Me","onclick":(e)=>{
        alert("You just clicked this");

    Will render into the following html and will alert when clicked :)

    <button>Click Me</button>


    Use your temlpates seemlessly on Node.js


    npm install node-json2html


        const json2html = require('node-json2html');
        let html = json2html.transform([{'name':'Bob','fruit':'Bananas'},{'name':'Rick','fruit':'Apples'}],{"<>":"div","text":"${name} likes ${fruit}"});


      import json2html from 'node-json2html'; //Import module
      const { render, component } = json2html; // Import methods from Json2html
 for full documentation.

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