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    jQuery/MooTools/YUI3 Javascript library that lets you connect parts of your UI together.
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    If you're new to jsPlumb, please do take the time to read the documentation. There are a few integration issues that you should be aware of: z-index needs special attention, for example.

    This project is the 'Community Edition' of jsPlumb. The 'Toolkit Edition' is a commercially-licensed wrapper around this.

    This project is not the correct place to report issues for the Toolkit edition. The Toolkit is not a public project. Issues reported for the Toolkit edition in this issue tracker will be deleted.

    This is version 6.x of the jsPlumb Community Edition.


    In 6.x we have dispensed with the multiple packages from 5.x and we now ship a single package. If you're using a bundler with tree shaking, as the vast majority of people are nowadays, you'll get a smaller bundle size with 6.x than you did with 5.x as it is more compatible with tree shaking.

    The single import for 6.x is:


    What if I'm not using a package manager?

    If you're not using a package manager at all then you can use the UMD that ships in the jsPlumb package.

    <script src="node_modues/@jsplumb/browser-ui/js/jsplumb-browser-ui.umd.js"></script>


    For the Community edition the documentation for version 6.x is here:

    For the previous versions of jsPlumb, docs are here:



    jsPlumb uses GitHub's issue tracker for enhancements and bugs


    No external dependencies.

    jsPlumb in action

    Links to various Community Edition demonstrations can be found here.


    There is a full suite of unit tests checked in to the test and dist/test directories.


    Please don't.


    All 1.x.x, 2.x.x, 4.x.x, 5.x.x and 6.x.x versions of jsPlumb Community edition are dual-licensed under both MIT and GPLv2.

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