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    JsStore is an IndexedDB Wrapper. It makes IndexedDB super easy with its SQL like apis.
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    Harness the power of JsStore to streamline database operations in your web applications. With its SQL-like API, JsStore simplifies IndexedDB interactions, enabling developers to easily query, filter, and manipulate data with familiar syntax and efficiency.


    • Executes In Web Worker
    • Simple readable apis
    • Easy to learn
    • TypeScript Support
    • Join Support
    • DataType Support
    • Complex Queries Support
    • Api Sync Support
    • Sql Support - through an extension sqlweb
    • IDBStudio - A management & debugging tool for jsstore.


    Check out repo -



    You are very welcome to contribute, please see contributing guidelines - [Contribute].

    Thank you to all the people who already contributed to JsStore!

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