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    An ECMAScript 5 only-compatible JavaScript library.
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    An ECMAScript 5 only-compatible JavaScript library

    The goal of this light-weight JavaScript library is to provide a nice, shorter and extended API using latest native compliant JavaScript and DOM APIs. Taking advantage of amazing native speed, of course only in modern browsers, and no more adding extra bytes for older ones.

    Give it a try and start using a robust, light-weight and modern library today.

    API Documentation

    Please visit the documentation to see how easy is to use with its jQuery-like API.


    In order to run the build task you'll need NodeJS and Gulp.

    After installing NodeJS, clone the project by running:

    $ git clone git://

    Install gulp

    $ npm install -g gulp

    Enter kimbo.js directory and install local dependencies:

    $ cd kimbo.js && npm install

    Now to run the full build task just run:

    $ gulp

    A dist/ folder will be created containing development and production build of kimbo.js including a source map file.

    Running the Unit Tests

    In the Browser

    Open test/spec.html

    In PhantomJS

    Run gulp test


    If you're having problems with using the project, use the support forum at CodersClan.

    Follow @kimbojs on twitter to get the latest news.

    Thanks to Gonzalo Redondo Portero for making the logo


    See LICENSE.txt

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