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    Playing with console errors, experimental project.
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    Logerr or Log Error. Playing with console errors, experimental project. Started developing for Chrome but now it supports Internet Explorer as well as Edge.

    Online Demo

    View (Don't forget to open your dev console)

    What does it do?

    Provides JavaScript error details in a readable format. You can log these errors remotely by enabling remoteLogging. After enabling, logerr will send a post request to the desired action/url with exception details along with custom parameters (if provided using additionalParams).



    Development [Unminified]

    Production [Minified]


    npm install i-break-codes/logerr


    bower install logerr


    Download logerr.js and follow the setup instructions below.


    Just include logerr.js file and the init() i.e initializer in the <head> section of your page, before you include any other JavaScript. init() will initialize the lib, where later you can pass an object to customize.

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="en">
        <script src="logerr.js"></script>
        Am fancy

    Enable remote logging

    Make sure you have CORS enabled if logging cross-domain.

    //Request type is POST
      remoteLogging: true, //Checkout
      remoteSettings: {
        url: 'REMOTE_URL',
        additionalParams: {
          logged_by: 'Sam'
        successCallback: function () {
          console.log('Im logged.');
        errorCallback: function () {
          console.log('Err! Something went wrong.');

    Also checkout Logerr Remote to log these exceptions remotely. (Powered by NodeJS)


    Default Configuration & Datatypes

    detailedErrors: true          //Boolean true/false, optional
    remoteLogging: false          //Boolean true/false, optional
    remoteSettings: {             //Object {}, required if remoteLogging is set to true
      url: null,                  //String '', required if remoteLogging is set to true
      additionalParams: null,     //Object {}, optional
      successCallback: null,      //function() {}, optional
      errorCallback: null         //function() {}, optional


    • [x] Enable/Disable detailedErrors mode in console.
    • [x] Remote logging by sending post request
    • [x] Cross browser support (Partially fixed)
    • [ ] Add notifications on the page if any exception. (in progress)

    ...will add some more stuff to make debugging easy.


    • Bugs and requests, submit them through the project's issues section
    • Questions? DM or Tweet me @mr_ali3n

    Thanks to all contributors, stargazers, pr's, issue submissions for suggesting features and making this more awesome.

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