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    A boilerplate for developing react+redux applications with rethinkdb/horizon as realtime database and express for the server.
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    A starter kit which allows you to develop realtime applications in minutes.

    lovli.js Preview




    $ git clone --depth=1
    $ cd lovli.js
    $ npm i

    You'll need to have RethinkDB running.


    $ npm start # starts app in dev mode
    $ npm run prod # starts server in production mode
    $ npm run build # builds source files in .build/
    $ node .build/server.bundle.js # starts server (after you built with npm run build)

    This will start a server listening on port 3000. You can change the port in config/page.js or by setting the PORT environment variable.

    Configure horizon

    If you want to configure the props for the horizon client, you can do that by passing a configuration object as the first parameter to HorizonConnector() in source/client/containers/Root.js and the target element as the second parameter.

    The props you provide there will be passed to horizon().


    How to add vendor scripts and css?

    If you want to add any vendor javascript or css, you'll likely not want it to be processed by babel or localized by css loader.

    Add these scripts to the static/vendor folder and they will use a different loader configuration.

    How to configure data subscriptions?

    Check out flipace/horizon-react for documentation of the horizon-react subscribe function.

    Why won't the server reload?

    The server won't hot reload. It would be possible to implement a restart on file change though.


    Pull Requests are very welcome!

    If you find any issues, please report them via Github Issues!



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