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    Environment-Independent JavaScript engine (HTML5 Canvas, V8GL, WebGL, native OpenGL, NodeJS)
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    lychee.js Mono Repository

    Important Notes to follow through Installation Quirks:

    The lycheejs-engine Repository needs to be installed to the path /opt/lycheejs.

    Every other lychee.js Project or Library has to be placed inside /opt/lycheejs/projects/*.

    The lycheejs-runtime Repository contains all building logic that is required in order to compile, build, transpile and port lychee.js Projects to other platforms and runtimes.

    The generated binaries of the lycheejs-runtime Repository are contained in the releases section of this repository, and the folder reflects the contents of the ./lycheejs-engine/bin/runtime folder. As the Repositories and related Web Services/Networks/Servers are no longer available, please use only the scripts and files from this Mono Repository to make things work as expected.


    More detailed instructions of the Installation Procedure are documented in the Quickstart's Installation Guide.

    # install lychee.js Engine into /opt/lycheejs
    sudo mkdir -m 0777 /opt/lycheejs;
    git clone;
    cd /opt/lycheejs;
    # install and update dependencies
    sudo ./bin/maintenance/;
    sudo ./bin/runtime/;
    # rebuild and start
    bash ./bin/;
    lycheejs-harvester start development;
    # Now visit http://localhost:8080 in Chromium
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