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    Multiple Selection Combo Box using Bootstrap 3
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    MagicSuggest v2.1.7 Updates deprecated jQuery methods

    • (fix) updates deprecated jQuery methods such as trim(), $.isArray, and Proxy().
    • (Update) It replaces them with native JavaScript alternatives.
    • (Fix) the jQuery method each() is also replaced with native JavaScript forEach() - where possible.

    MagicSuggest v2.1.6 Bug Fix

    • (fix) Disabled arbitrary HTML and SCRIPT execution on input.

    MagicSuggest v2.1.5

    • (fix) prepend close button instead of appending it
    • (fix) updated magicsuggest-min.js with current master code
    • (fea) dynamically update max selection size

    MagicSuggest v2.0.0

    MagicSuggest has a new home here: It includes a great new API documentation, examples, tutorials and more!

    Milestone change log:

    MagicSuggest v.2.0.0

    • New home at to run dynamic examples that gh-pages couldn't handle
    • Now runs with Bootstrap 3 (required)
    • Responsive design
    • No more intrusive loading

    v1.3.1 BugFixing again! (Minor Tagged Milestone - August 17th, 2013)

    v1.3.0 Some more features and bugfixing (Minor Tagged Milestone - May 25th, 2013)

    • (fea) combo component can now be fetched through the same div element (credits to meghuizen -
    • (fix) CSS bug with 1.2.7+ with triggerHidden (credits to ScullWM -
    • (fix) container would always render with 1 row even though a bunch of data was loaded (credits to travishaagen -
    • (fea) added minimum jQuery version to work in docs (credits to rajeshmeniya -
    • (fix) input was not correctly enabled / disabled (credits to zerekw -
    • (fea) added getName and setName to easily fetch/set form name of component (credits to jbmoens -
    • (fix) when a value is specified in the DOM original element, it is passed correctly to MS. (credits to jbmoens -
    • (fix) input space now always uses the remaining space as this leads to less issues.
    • (fea) combo has now more logic when used for a single selection combo box.
    • (fix) space taken for single selection on a small combo remains on one line. (credits to ScullWM -
    • (fea) multiple items can now be selected through the Ctrl key (credits to meghuizen -
    • (fea) trigger icon now uses pure CSS (credits to meghuizen -
    • (fea) cfg(data) can now take a function as parameter (credits to meghuizen -
    • (fea) cfg(data) can take a json object whose data items are within the results property
    • (fix) CSS has been fixed so it behaves correctly within a bootstrap modal (credits to daenuprobst -
    • (fea) suggestion rendering optimized by reducing draw calls to one. (credits to meghuizen -
    • (fix) tags can now longer be removed when the combo is disabled (credits to grena -
    • (fix) setting data was only going through visible set of suggestions (credits to grena -
    • (fix) missing semi-colons, went through full jslint (credits to grena -
    • (fix) suggestions were not appearing when maxSuggestions was set to 10. (credits to zerekw - and plasmaxy -
    • (fix) the clear function was broken (credits to travishaagen -
    • (fea) the component's config can now be setup entirely from the DOM container element.
    • (fea) added a silent mode to selection changing methods in order to know if it was user-triggered or not. (credits to travishaagen -
    • (fea) added a setData(object) method to fill the combo after it has been rendered (credits to travishaagen -
    • (fix) ajax query was sent twice when the user was typing faster than the typeDelay (credits to arvenom -
    • (fix) highlighting the search results was also highlighting html tags when using custom rendering (credits to pstuart2 -
    • (fea) added cfg(strictSuggest) so that user can choose how the suggestions will be made
    • (fea) added cfg(toggleOnClick) so that the user can expand/close the combo by clicking on it (credits to psulek -
    • (fix) empty suggestion text was wrongly triggered when performing initial ajax call (credits to curtgrimes -
    • (fea) added cfg(selectionRenderer) (credits to pstuart2 -
    • (fix) empty text class was not triggered properly (credits to jods4 -
    • (fix) IE8 compatibility (credits to Airborn22 -
    • (fea) MagicSuggest can now be rendered from a select dom component. (credits to Yogu -
    • (fea) on blur now automatically adds the typed text to the selection if free entries are allowed (credits to Airborn22 -
    • (fea) new public method empty() which will clear the user text.
    • (fix) make sure combo is filled prior to triggering load event
    • (fea) renamed some events for better readability

    v1.2.0 Standardization on jQuery plugins (Minor Tagged Milestone - Mar. 4th 2013)

    • (fix) fixed disabled behaviour when one could still edit the emptyText
    • (fix) collapse method would throw an error
    • (cfg) typeDelay: Amount (in ms) between keyboard registers (credits to jayesbee -
    • (fea) standardized on jQuery plugin (credits to jayesbee -
    • (fea) added documentation examples
    • (cfg) name: name used for magicsuggest as a form element (credits to iambibhas -
    • (fix) start up rendering when value rendered as text
    • (cfg) dataParams: additional parameters for ajax request (credits to jayesbee -
    • (fix) other rendering issues with inner text

    v1.1.0 Various enhancements and bug fixing (Minor Tagged Milestone - Feb. 19th 2013)

    • (fea) close cross style now blends in a bit more
    • (fea) escape now collapses the combo (without loosing focus)
    • (fix) can't enter entries made out of space
    • (cfg) noSuggestionText: text displayed when there are no suggestions from given data
    • (cfg) minCharsRenderer: allows to customize message when not enough characters are entered to trigger a search
    • (cfg) maxEntryRenderer: allows to customize message when too many characters have been entered
    • (cfg) maxEntryLength: amount of characters to limit user input
    • (cfg) style: custom style applied to the main container
    • (cfg) infoMsgCls: custom class to apply to the helper
    • (fea) new helper message on upper right to inform on the component status
    • (cfg) id: allows to give the component a custom ID
    • (cfg) inputCfg : allows additional parameters passed out to the INPUT tag. Enables usage of AngularJS's custom tags for ex.
    • (cfg) renderer : allows custom rendering within the combo.
    • (cfg) groupBy : allows grouping within the combo box listing.
    • (fix) blur event now registers correctly when selecting an element from the combo
    • (fix) flicker in IE when hovering trigger
    • (cfg) strictSuggest : set how suggestions will be proposed
    • (fix) maxResults is now correctly interpreted
    • (fix) maxSelection is now correctly interpreted
    • (cfg) method : set the ajax method, default to 'POST'
    • (fea) ajax request can now interpret multiple results from server base.
    • (fix) bug where the blur event would be triggered when clicking upon the page
    • (cfg) required : triggers invalid / valid events when not filled
    • (fea) validation through isValid() method

    v1.0. initial component release

    • choose to allow free entries or not
    • keyboard management
    • theme ability
    • static and dynamic data processing
    • positionning
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