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    Seemple Website

    Seemple.js is a simple JavaScript framework to create single-page applications (SPAs). The simple and intuitive API is based on JavaScript classes and accessors which are accessible to all application developers of varying skills. The requirement to start your first project with Seemple.js is basic knowledge of JavaScript!


    • A nice reactive API to solve hard problems
    • High robustness of developed apps
    • The ability to refactor legacy applications without rewriting them from scratch
    • Only couple of hours is needed to master the framework because of the absence of complex concepts

    A bonus: the framework is documented in 3 languages: English, Ukrainian and Russian.


    Install via NPM

    npm install seemple

    Business needs

    Due to extreme simplicity of the framework, even novice web developers can quickly start to do small, then medium and then large web applications. This means that web studios are able to save money by hiring younger professionals, who, in turn, could not find a job before.

    Project structure

    The project is structured as a monorepository powered by Lerna. /package folder includes three packages:


    License: MIT License

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