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    The open-source Shopify alternative ⚡️
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    Documentation | Medusa Admin Demo | Website

    An open source composable commerce engine built for developers.

    Medusa is released under the MIT license. Current CircleCI build status. PRs welcome! Product Hunt Discord Chat Follow @medusajs

    Getting Started

    Follow our quickstart guide to learn how to set up a Medusa server.


    You can check out this documentation for details about setting up your environment.

    What is Medusa

    Medusa is an open source composable commerce engine built with Node.js. Medusa enables developers to build scalable and sophisticated commerce setups with low effort and great developer experience.

    You can learn more about Medusa’s architecture in our documentation.


    You can learn about all of the ecommerce features that Medusa provides in our documentation.


    Write-ups for all features will be made available in Github discussions before starting the implementation process.


    • [x] Admin revamp
    • [x] Tax API
    • [x] Tax Calculation Strategy
    • [x] Cart Calculation Strategy
    • [x] Customer Groups API
    • [x] Promotions API
    • [x] Price Lists API
    • [x] Price Selection Strategy
    • [x] Import / Export API
    • [x] Sales Channel API
    • [ ] Extended Order API (managing placed orders)
    • [ ] PaymentCollection API (collecting payments separate from carts and draft orders)
    • [ ] Multi-warehouse API
    • [ ] Extended Product API (custom fields, publishing control, and more)


    Check out our available plugins that you can install and use instantly on your Medusa server.


    Please check our contribution guide for details about how to contribute to both our codebase and our documentation.

    Upgrade Guides

    Follow our upgrade guides on the documentation to keep your Medusa project up-to-date.

    Community & Support

    Use these channels to be part of the community, ask for help while using Medusa, or just learn more about Medusa:

    • Discord: This is the main channel to join the community. You can ask for help, showcase your work with Medusa, and stay up to date with everything Medusa.
    • GitHub Issues: for sending in any issues you face or bugs you find while using Medusa.
    • GitHub Discussions: for joining discussions and submitting your ideas.
    • Medusa Blog: find diverse tutorials and company news.
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn


    Licensed under the MIT License

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