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    Replace jQuery or MooTools with a <4kB Library
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    Quick Links: - API - Docs Latest version: 1.1 (changelog)


    Minified.js is a client-side JavaScript library that's both powerful and small. It offers jQuery-like features (DOM manipulation, animation, events, HTTP requests) and utility functions (collections, date&number formatting, date arithmetic, templates) with a single, consistent API.

    Feature Comparison

    The goal of Minified is to provide all the basics that you may need on an HTML page.

    FeatureMinifiedMinified WebjQueryMooToolsZepto.js
    CSS Selectoryes
    CSS1 or browser engine
    CSS1 or browser engine
    CSS3 subset + extensions
    CSS3 subset + extensions
    browser engine
    CSS Style Changesyesyes yes yes yes
    CSS Class Changesyesyes yes yes yes
    Element Creationyesyes yes
    HTML-strings only
    yes yes
    HTML-strings only
    Element Cloningyesyes yes yes yes
    DOM Manipulationyesyes yes yes yes
    Animation (numeric)yesyes yes yes no
    extra module, CSS only
    Animation (color)yesyes no yes no
    extra module, CSS only
    Eventsyesyes yes yes yes
    DOMReadyyesyesyesyes yes
    Ajax/XHRyesyes yes yes yes
    Promises/A+-compatibleyesyes yes no no
    JSONyesyes yes yes yes
    Cookiesyesyes no yes no
    Form Serializationyesyes yes no yes
    Collection Helpers yesno yes yes yes
    AMD support yesyes yes no no
    Templates yesno no no no
    Number Formatting yesno no no no
    Date Formatting yesno no no no
    Date Arithmetic yesno no no no
    Online Builder yes
    modules and functions
    modules and functions
    no yes
    Internet Explorer 6-8 compatible yes
    IE-support optional
    IE-support optional
    jQuery 1.x only
    yes no

    What you can expect from Minified Web

    • General purpose functions to effectively write HTML-based web applications
    • A very small footprint. The complete distribution will always be smaller than 8kB, and the Web module under 4kb.
    • A clean and simple, easy to use API.


    To build Minified, you need to install Node.js and Grunt. Then enter the Minified directory and install the dependencies:

    npm install

    To build the whole project including the site, use

    grunt all

    If you only want to compile the code, use

    grunt code


    Minified is Public Domain. Use, modify and distribute it any way you like. No attribution required. To the extent possible under law, Tim Jansen has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Minified, as published in the /src and /dist directories of this repository. See for details.

    Please note that some third-party content of the Minified web site, especially in the /srcContent directory, has been published under different open source licenses.

    Thank you for checking out Minified. Tim Jansen

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