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    motion graphics library for the web
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    The motion graphics toolbelt for the web.

    mo · js


    mo · js is a javascript motion graphics library that is a fast, retina ready, modular and open source. In comparison to other libraries, it has a different syntax and code animation structure approach. The declarative API provides you a complete control over the animation, making it customizable with ease.

    The library provides built-in components to start animating from scratch like html, shape, swirl, burst and stagger, but also bring you tools to help craft your animation in a most natural way. Using mojs on your site will enhance the user experience, enrich your content visually and create delightful animations precisely.


    Use with a bundler

    Mojs is published on the NPM registry, so you can install it through the command line interpreter using your favorite package manager. This is the best way to install the library if you are comfortable with javascript bundlers like webpack or rollup.

    # npm
    npm install @mojs/core
    # yarn
    yarn add @mojs/core

    Then import it like any other module inside your build:

    import mojs from '@mojs/core';
    new mojs.Html({
      // ...

    Using a bundler has many advantages like output compression, code splitting, tree shaking, etc., so we encourage you to use this kind of tool with mojs.

    Use with a CDN

    To rapidly include the minified production file in your web page, load the latest build from your favorite CDN using a generic script markup:

    <!-- unpkg -->
    <script src=""></script>
    <!-- jsdelivr -->
    <script src=""></script>

    Then instanciate using:

      new mojs.Html({
        // ...

    By default, if no one is specified, the CDN will automatically target the @latest version of mojs and load the UMD build from dist/mo.umd.js.

    User guide

    The base documentation you need to get started with mojs.


    Discover the amazing things that mojs can do!


    Get technical informations, open an issue/pull request or join the (amazing) community!


    Browser support

    • Chrome 49+
    • Firefox 70+
    • Opera 36+
    • Safari 8+
    • Edge 79+

    Many other browsers may work, but are not extensively tested.


    Since 2019, mojs ecosystem is maintained and developed by:


    If you want to report a bug or request a new feature/improvement, please read the project contributors guidelines before. Thanks for taking time to contribute.

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