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    Natural Regex

    Create regex from natural language
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    Create regex from natural language

    Attention - This project isn't completed yet. There might be breaking changes until version 1.0.0. Feel free to contribute, see TODO to get started.

    natural-regex is a parser that allows you to write regular expressions in natural language. This means that you can write self documentating regex using a simpler syntax that can be undestood by anyone. No more pain with validations and other stuff.


    You can install natural-regex using npm:

    npm install --save natural-regex

    If you aren't using npm in your project, you can include NaturalRegex using UMD build in the dist folder with <script> tag.


    Once you have installed natural-regex, supposing a CommonJS environment, you can import and immediately use it:

    import NaturalRegex from 'natural-regex';
    // validate string
    const dateAndEmail = NaturalRegex.from('starts with dd/MM/yyyy, space, minus, space and then email, end.');
    dateAndEmail.test('06/07/2016 -'); // this evaluates true
    dateAndEmail.test('Foo Bar foo@bar'); // this evaluates false
    // replace in string
      string: '06/07/2014 -',
      match: 'yyyy',
      replace: '2016',
    // this returns '06/07/2016 -'

    NaturalRegex also includes a command line tool, check this for more information.


    Visit the Wiki for the full documentation.


    Examples can be found here

    Change Log

    This project adheres to Semantic Versioning.
    Every release, along with the migration instructions, is documented on the Github Releases page.


    Matteo Basso

    Copyright (c) 2016, Matteo Basso.

    natural-regex source code is licensed under the MIT License.

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