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    Ng Zorro Antd

    An enterprise-class UI components based on Ant Design and Angular. 🐜
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    An enterprise-class UI components based on Ant Design and Angular. CodeFactor Travis branch Codecov GitHub Release Date npm package NPM downloads GitHub license Gitter extension-for-VSCode Twitter

    English | įŽ€äŊ“中文

    ✨ Features

    • An enterprise-class UI design system for web applications.
    • A set of high-quality Angular components out of the box.
    • Written in TypeScript with predictable static types.
    • The whole package of development and design resources and tools.
    • Support OnPush mode, high performance.
    • Support Customize theme.
    • Support import Component individually.

    đŸ–Ĩ Environment Support

    • Angular ^8.0.0
    • Server-side Rendering
    • Modern browsers and Internet Explorer 11+ (with polyfills)
    • Electron
    IE / Edge
    IE / Edge
    IE11, Edge last 2 versions last 2 versions last 2 versions last 2 versions last 2 versions

    Listing @angular/cdk as its dependency, ng-zorro-antd supports the most recent two versions of all major browsers.

    🎨 Design Specification

    ng-zorro-antd synchronizes design specification with Ant Design on a regular basis, you can check the log online.

    đŸ“Ļ Installation

    We recommend using @angular/cli to install. It not only makes development easier, but also allows you to take advantage of the rich ecosystem of angular packages and tooling.

    $ ng new PROJECT_NAME
    $ ng add ng-zorro-antd

    More information about @angular/cli here.

    You can also install ng-zorro-antd with npm or yarn

    $ npm install ng-zorro-antd

    🔨 Usage

    Import the module into every module where you want to use the components.

    import { NgZorroAntdModule } from 'ng-zorro-antd';
      imports: [ NgZorroAntdModule ]
    export class AppModule {

    @angular/cli users won't have to worry about the things below but it's good to know.

    And import style and SVG icon assets file link in angular.json.

      "assets": [
    +   {
    +     "glob": "**/*",
    +     "input": "./node_modules/@ant-design/icons-angular/src/inline-svg/",
    +     "output": "/assets/"
    +   }
      "styles": [
    +   "node_modules/ng-zorro-antd/ng-zorro-antd.min.css"

    See Getting Started for more details.

    ⌨ī¸ Development

    $ git clone
    $ cd ng-zorro-antd
    $ npm install
    $ npm run site:start

    Browser would open automatically.

    đŸ—ē Road Map

    Check this issue to read our plans for 2019.

    🤝 Contributing

    PRs Welcome

    We welcome all contributions. Please read our first. You can submit any ideas as pull requests or as GitHub issues.

    If you're new to posting issues, we ask that you read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way (This guide does not provide actual support services for this project!), How to Ask a Question in Open Source Community and How to Report Bugs Effectively prior to posting. Well written bug reports help us help you!

    Let's fund issues in this repository

    ❓ Help from the Community

    For questions on how to use ng-zorro-antd, please post questions to Stack Overflow using the ng-zorro-antd tag. If you're not finding what you need on stackoverflow, you can find us on Gitter as well.

    As always, we encourage experienced users to help those who are not familiar with ng-zorro-antd!

    🎉 Users

    We list some users here, if your company or product uses NG-ZORRO, let us know here!

    ☀ī¸ License


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