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    Custom Elements-Based HTML5 UI Framework for Building Your Mobile Front End
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    Onsen UI - Cross-Platform Hybrid App and PWA Framework

    Onsen UI is an open source framework that makes it easy to create native-feeling Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and hybrid apps.

    The core library is written in pure Javascript (on top of Web Components) and is framework agnostic, which means you can use it with your favorite framework and its tools. We provide some extra binding packages to make it easy to use Onsen UI's API with many popular frameworks:


    Angular 2+


    AngularJS 1.x

    Some other frameworks are supported by community packages (not tested or implemented by the core team): Aurelia, EmberJS.

    Both flat (iOS) and Material (Android) designs are included. The components are optionally auto-styled based on the platform, which makes it possible to support both iOS and Android with the same source code.

    Getting started

    We have several resources to help you get started creating hybrid apps and PWAs with Onsen UI:

    Get Onsen UI

    Download the latest released version

    We have a distribution repository with changelog. Onsen UI is also available in npm and jspm. Example:

    npm install onsenui

    This downloads the core Onsen UI library. To install bindings, you can install react-onsenui, vue-onsenui, ngx-onsenui or angularjs-onsenui.

    Download or request from a CDN

    You can also take the necessary files from a CDN. Some of the options are unpkg, jsDelivr and cdnjs.

    Get the latest development build

    Optionally, you can download the latest development build here. Be careful, usually everything there is already tested but it might be unstable sometimes.

    Examples with source code

    There are lots of sample applications written using Onsen UI. Here are some examples with source code and tutorials to give you an idea of what kind of apps you can create.

    Onsen UI ecosystem

    Because sometimes a UI framework may not be enough to make hybrid app development easy, Onsen UI comes with a complete ecosystem of well integrated tools. Meet Monaca.

    Developed by the Onsen UI team, Monaca is a toolkit that makes hybrid mobile app development with PhoneGap / Cordova simple and easy: Onsen UI Cordova templates, debugging suite, push notifications, remote build, back-end solutions, encryption, version control, continuous integration and more. Furthermore, it provides multiple development environments with everything already configured and ready to go:

    Cloud IDE - Command Line Interface - Localkit GUI

    Example with CLI:

    $ [sudo] npm -g install monaca
    $ monaca create helloworld # And choose the starter template
    $ monaca preview # Preview on the browser
    $ monaca debug # Preview on a real device
    $ monaca remote build --browser # Production build on the cloud

    See the Onsen UI Getting Started Page for more information.

    Browser Support

    Onsen UI is tested to work with the following browsers and mobile OS.

    • Android 4.4.4+
    • iOS 9+
    • Chrome
    • Safari


    We welcome your contribution, no matter how big or small! Please have a look at the contribution guide for details about project structure, development environment, test suite, code style, etc. All the version updates are mentioned in the changelog.

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