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    :city_sunrise: OSM Buildings
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    OSM Buildings is a JavaScript library for showing building geometry on interactive maps.


    The standalone WebGL version odf OSM Buildings is located here:

    There is also documentation of OSM Buildings Server side:


    It's safe use the master branch for production.

    For further information visit, follow @osmbuildings on Twitter or report issues here on Github.


    Integration with Leaflet

    Link Leaflet and OSM Buildings files in your HTML head section.

      <link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>
      <script src=""></script>
      <script src="OSMBuildings-Leaflet.js"></script>

    Initialize the map engine and add a map tile layer.
    Position is set to Berlin at zoom level 17, I'm using Mapbox tiles here.

    var map = new L.Map('map').setView([52.52020, 13.37570], 17);
    new L.TileLayer('https://{s}<YOUR KEY HERE>/{z}/{x}/{y}.png',
      { attribution: 'Map tiles &copy; <a href="">Mapbox</a>', maxZoom: 17 }).addTo(map);

    Add the buildings layer.

    new OSMBuildings(map).load();

    As a popular alternative, you could pass a GeoJSON FeatureCollection object.
    Geometry types Polygon, Multipolygon and GeometryCollection are supported.
    Make sure the building coordinates are projected in EPSG:4326.
    Height units m, ft, yd, mi are accepted, no given unit defaults to meters.

    var geoJSON = {
      "type": "FeatureCollection",
      "features": [{
        "type": "Feature",
        "id": 134,
        "geometry": {
          "type": "Polygon",
          "coordinates": [[
            [13.37356, 52.52064],
            [13.37350, 52.51971],
            [13.37664, 52.51973],
            [13.37594, 52.52062],
            [13.37356, 52.52064]
        "properties": {
          "wallColor": "rgb(255,0,0)",
          "roofColor": "rgb(255,128,0)",
          "height": 500,
          "minHeight": 0
    new OSMBuildings(map).set(geoJSON);

    Integration with OpenLayers

    • NEW: for Integration with OpenLayers 5 see /tests/openlayers-5.3.0 *

    Link OpenLayers and OSM Buildings files in your HTML head section.

      <script src=""></script>
      <script src="OSMBuildings-OpenLayers.js"></script>

    Initialize the map engine and add a map tile layer.
    Position is set to Berlin at zoom level 17.

    var map = new OpenLayers.Map('map');
    map.addControl(new OpenLayers.Control.LayerSwitcher());
    var osm = new OpenLayers.Layer.OSM();
      new OpenLayers.LonLat(13.37570, 52.52020)
          new OpenLayers.Projection('EPSG:4326'),

    Add the buildings layer.

    new OSMBuildings(map).load();



    Constructor Description
    new OSMBuildings(map) Initializes the buildings layer for a given map engine.
    Currently Leaflet and OpenLayers are supported.


    Option Type Description
    ATTRIBUTION String Holds OSM Buildings copyright information.
    VERSION String Holds current version information.


    Method Description
    style({Object}) Set default styles. See below for details.
    date(new Date(2017, 15, 1, 10, 30))) Set date/time for shadow projection.
    each({Function}) A callback wrapper to override each feature's properties on read. Return false in order to skip a particular feature.
    Callback receives a feature object as argument.
    click({Function}) A callback wrapper to handle click events on features.
    Callback receives an object { featureId{number,string}, lat{float}, lon{float} } as argument.
    set({GeoJSON FeatureCollection}) Just add GeoJSON data to your map.
    load({Provider}) Without parameter, it loads OpenStreetMap data tiles via an OSM Buildings proxy. This proxy enables transparent data filtering and caching. Interface of such provider is to be published.


    Option Type Description
    color/wallColor String Defines the objects default primary color. I.e. #ffcc00, rgb(255,200,200), rgba(255,200,200,0.9)
    roofColor String Defines the objects default roof color.
    shadows Boolean Enables or disables shadow rendering, default: enabled


    OSM Tags used

    GeoJSON property OSM Tags
    height height, building:height, levels, building:levels
    minHeight min_height, building:min_height, min_level, building:min_level
    color/wallColor building:color, building:colour
    material building:material, building:facade:material, building:cladding
    roofColor roof:color, roof:colour, building:roof:color, building:roof:colour
    roofMaterial roof:material, building:roof:material
    shape building:shape[=cylinder,sphere]
    roofShape roof:shape[=dome]
    roofHeight roof:height
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