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    Overmind - Frictionless state management
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    Visit website for more information:

    Maintainer needed


    // List all packages and state how to develop and test them

    Release procedure

    git switch next
    git pull
    npm install # make sure any new dependencies are installed
    npm run release -- --dry-run --print-release  # and check release notes
    git switch master
    git pull
    git merge --ff-only next
    git push

    To release a new VSCode extension it's necessary to increase the version in packages/overmind-devtools-vscode/package.json. Otherwise it will be ignored. Make also sure the token for Azure release (GitHub Actions Organization secret: VS_MARKETPLACE_TOKEN) is still valid. It expires after 1 year (current: 06.09.2024).

    To show the right version inside the devtools standalone app, it needs to be set in packages/overmind-devtools/package.json.

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