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    Simple, lightweight routing for web browsers
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    PathJS is a lightweight, client-side routing library that allows you to create "single page" applications using Hashbangs and/or HTML5 pushState.


    • Lightweight
    • Supports the HTML5 History API, the 'onhashchange' method, and graceful degredation
    • Supports root routes, rescue methods, paramaterized routes, optional route components (dynamic routes), and Aspect Oriented Programming
    • Well Tested (tests available in the ./tests directory)
    • Compatible with all major browsers (Tested on Firefox 3.6, Firefox 4.0, Firefox 5.0, Chrome 9, Opera 11, IE7, IE8, IE9)
    • Independant of all third party libraries, but plays nice with all of them

    Using PathJS - A Brief Example

    function clearPanel(){
        // You can put some code in here to do fancy DOM transitions, such as fade-out or slide-in.

    Documentation and Tips

    Any of the examples above confuse you? Read up on the details in the wiki.


    You can find examples on the official Github Page.

    Running Tests

    To run the tests, simply navigate to the ./tests folder and open the HTML file in your browser. Please note that the HTML5 History API is not compatible with the file:// protocol, and to run the tests in the tests/pushstate folder, you will need to run them through a webserver such as nginx or Apache.

    Next Steps

    • Adding support for "after" callbacks
    • Deprecating the "enter" callback in favour of "before"

    Pull Requests

    To make a pull request, please do the following:

    • Mention what specific version of PathJS you were using when you encountered the issue/added the feature. This can be accessed by doing Path.version in a debugger console
    • Provide a pastie or gist that demonstrates the bug/feature
    • Make sure you update the test suite with your changes. All tests must pass
    • Make sure to update the minified version of the source
    • Do not modify the Path.version attribute. I will modify that manually when merging the request


    This code is provided with no warranty. While I strive to maintain backwards compatibility, the code is still under active development. As this is the case, some revisions may break break compatibility with earlier versions of the library. Please keep this in mind when using PathJS.

    Copyright and Licensing

    Copyright (c) 2011 Mike Trpcic, released under the MIT license.

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