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    Load data while still loading other scripts and display data faster in jQuery, Backbone, Angular, ... apps
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    Pegasus is a tiny lib that lets you load JSON data while loading other scripts.

    If you have a static website, using this technique, you can reduce the time to display data. Works with any JS lib (React, Vue, jQuery, ...).


    JSON (yellow bar) is downloaded several milliseconds after the JS library (orange bar).

    After (with Pegasus)

    JSON (yellow bar) and the JS library (orange bar) are downloaded at the same time.


    To save a network call, it's recommended to simply paste the following code pegasus.min.js in your HTML page before other scripts.



    $ npm install @typicode/pegasus

    Please note that pegasus is available on npm under @typicode/pegasus



    Average time to display data on the demo site.

    jQuery only jQuery + Pegasus
    EDGE 3000 ms 2100 ms
    3G 860 ms 640 ms
    DSL 270 ms 230 ms

    Note: jQuery is used for illustration only, you can use Pegasus with any other Javascript library.

    Usage example

    <!-- Load (or embed) Pegasus before loading any other script -->
    <script src="pegasus.min.js"></script>
    <!-- Make your request(s) -->
      var request = pegasus('');
    <!-- Load your app lib(s) -->
    <script src="lib.js"></script>
    <!-- Use .then() method to retrieve data in your app -->
        // success handler
        function(data, xhr) {
          // do something useful like
        // error handler (optional)
        function(data, xhr) {
          console.error(data, xhr.status)

    Optionally, you can set a timeout using pegasus.timeout = milliseconds


    All modern browsers and IE9+


    MIT - Typicode

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