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    Photo Swipe

    PhotoSwipe is a HTML/CSS/JavaScript based image gallery specifically targeting mobile touch devices
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    :exclamation: Important note v5 beta is now available for testing, read announcement here and report any issues that you find, code is within v5-beta branch.

    PhotoSwipe Repository

    Build Status

    JavaScript image gallery for mobile and desktop.

    Location of files

    • Compiled PhotoSwipe JS and CSS files, SVG and PNG sprites are in the dist/ folder.
    • Source files (.JS and .SCSS) are in the src/ folder. Note that PhotoSwipe uses Autoprefixer when compiling SASS files.
    • Demo website is in the website/ folder.
    • Documentation markdown files are in website/documentation/.

    Plugins / extensions / addons

    Coded something useful? Email me and I’ll post a link to it here.


    To compile PhotoSwipe by yourself, make sure that you have Node.js, Grunt.js, Ruby and Jekyll installed, then:

    1) Clone the repository

    git clone

    2) Go inside the PhotoSwipe folder that you fetched and install Node dependencies

    cd PhotoSwipe && npm install

    3) Run grunt to generate the JS and CSS files in the dist folder and the site in the _site/ folder



    • Run grunt watch to automatically rebuild files (JS, CSS, demo website and documentation) when you change files in src/ or in website/.
    • Run grunt nosite to build just JS and CSS files (output is folder dist/).
    • Run grunt pswpbuild to build just JS files. Param --pswp-exclude allows to exclude modules, for example grunt pswpbuild --pswp-exclude=history will exclude history module.

    Using PhotoSwipe?

    If you’ve used PhotoSwipe in some interesting way, or on the site of a popular brand, I’d be very grateful if you shoot me a link to it.


    Script is licensed under MIT license with one exception: Do not create a public WordPress plugin based on it, as I will develop it. If you need to use it for a public WordPress plugin right now, please ask me by email first. Thanks!

    Attribution is not required, but much appreciated, especially if you’re making a product for developers.


    PhotoSwipe 4.0+ is developed by Dmitry Semenov. But initially script was created in 2011 by Code Computerlove, a digital agency in Manchester, they passed on development in March 2014. You can view source and documentation of old PhotoSwipe (<4.0) in history of this repo.

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