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    A lightweight toolset for writing styles in JavaScript ✨
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    A lightweight toolset for writing styles in JavaScript. ✨

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    npm install --save polished
    # or if you're using yarn
    yarn add polished

    Want to write styles in JavaScript, but also want Sass-style helper functions and mixins? Need a consistent color palette throughout your app? ✨ polished is for you!

    • Make your app look great without stress
    • Cross framework compatible: No matter if you're using styled-components, emotion, jss, aphrodite, radium, or plain inline styles, as long as you're writing your styles in JavaScript you can use polished!
    • Switching from a pre-processor to styles in JS made easy


    See the full documentation at!


    ✨ polished modules are meant to be used as stand-alone imports. You should avoid importing the entire library directly:

    import { clearFix, animation } from 'polished' ~import * as polished from 'polished~ ~import polished from 'polished'~

    When ✨ polished modules are imported properly, tree shaking in webpack and Rollup can be leveraged to reduce your bundle size.

    Browser Support

    All Evergreen Browsers + IE11

    As of v3.6.X we support >0.5%, not dead, ie >= 11, not op_mini all for all our builds.

    Flow Type Definitions

    ✨ polished has first-class Flow support with zero configuration to assist you in finding type errors while using our modules.

    Ignore ✨ polished source

    Flow frequently updates and it is possible that the version you are running may cause you to run into errors coming from the polished package in your node_modules directory. You can add the following lines to your .flowconfig to ignore polished in those cases:


    TypeScript Definitions

    ✨ polished has TypeScript definitions to allow the library to be used in any TypeScript project. You will need to set moduleResolution to node in your tsconfig.json in order to use ✨ polished with TypeScript.

    Babel plugin

    You can optionally also use babel-plugin-polished to compile the static function calls out and remove the (already tiny) runtime performance impact of using ✨ polished.

    Object Spread Properties

    In the documentation you will see examples using object spread properties ({ ...other }). To enable this syntax in your project add the transform-object-rest-spread plugin (or the stage-3 preset to enable all stage three features) to your Babel configuration.


    When writing styles in JavaScript, many people need Sass-style helper functions to be productive. ✨ polished brings them to you in a nice, lightweight package tailor-made for styles in JavaScript.

    The main difference with Sass is that it's written in a functional style and all color functions are curried. This means you can compose them together into your own reusable helpers with a compose function of your choice:

    import { compose } from 'ramda' // Replace with any compose() function of your choice
    import { lighten, desaturate } from 'polished'
    // Create tone() helper
    const tone = compose(lighten(0.1), desaturate(0.1))

    Why not package-xyz?

    First of all, we didn't find another library that had everything we needed, and we don't care about installing a dozen packages separately.

    Specifically most other packages that provide color functions do so in an object-oriented style, often with a fluent API that's very different from the Sass-style helpers. This means people that aren't very familiar with JavaScript might shy away from using them.

    ✨ polished was made as a standard library for everybody, no matter if they know JS inside out or not.


    ✨ polished is compatible with any library that accepts styles as JS objects. This includes, but is by far not limited to, styled-components, radium, aphrodite, glamor, glamorous, jss and many more!

    No matter if you're using inline styles or CSS-in-JS, polished is for you.


    This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].


    Thank you to all our backers! 🙏 [Become a backer]


    Support this project by becoming a sponsor. Your logo will show up here with a link to your website. [Become a sponsor]


    Copyright © 2016-2021 Brian Hough, Maximilian Stoiber, & Nik Graf. Licensed under the MIT License, see for more information!

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