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    Austin Cheney

    About Me

    If you need a JavaScript/TypeScript developer that enjoys solving new and challenging problems email me at info at


    I am currently working on

    In this personal project I am trying to solve the problem of decentralization with a focus on privacy, permissions, performance, and automation. Decentralization is likely not what you think it is. For an excellent and mature example of decentralization see the architecture of WebRTC. My current project approaches the application considerations of decentralization far more aggressively than the media considerations defined by WebRTC.

    How I Code

    My prefered code style is imperative functional, such that code should be portable and not littered with unnecessary decoration or extranous execution steps. This follows a mental model of explicit brevity and expresses a say what you mean, not what you meant to say line of thinking. If you are a prospective employer and want to see how I code please see my homework assignment.

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