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    A Universal JavaScript Framework
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    Qooxdoo JavaScript Framework

    qooxdoo is a universal JavaScript framework that enables you to create applications for a wide range of platforms. With its object-oriented programming model you build rich, interactive applications (RIAs), native-like apps for mobile devices, light-weight traditional web applications or even applications to run outside the browser.

    You leverage its integrated tool chain to develop and deploy applications of any scale, while taking advantage of modern web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, its comprehensive feature set and a state-of-the-art GUI toolkit. qooxdoo is open source under liberal licenses, led by a dedicated developer team, with a vibrant community.

    For more information please see .


    qooxdoo may be used under the terms of the MIT License.

    Quick start

    It is easy to get started with qooxdoo. For detailed information please see our Get Started Guide.



    If you develop with qooxdoo, you would normally use a stable NPM release, which, since v6.0.0, contains the compiler and the CLI called with with npx qx <command>.

    In contrast, if you want to be hacking qooxdoo itself, please refer to our documentation.


    There are many ways you can contribute to qooxdoo, ranging from providing feedback, making translations, providing a custom library to full-blown patches to the code. Please check our web site for details. Mind that for every patch to the repository we require an open bug in our issue tracker, and that commits to the repository will fall under qooxdoo's license terms.

    Qooxdoo source code is hosted on github/qooxdoo and we use the standard Issue Tracker and Pull Requests feature.


    Online chat is available via Gitter at (or using one of the Gitter desktop or mobile clients) - the core team hang out there, as do other developers who use Qooxdoo.

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