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    Raven Js

    JavaScript client for Sentry
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    Bad software is everywhere, and we're tired of it. Sentry is on a mission to help developers write better software faster, so we can get back to enjoying technology. If you want to join us Check out our open positions

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    Official Sentry SDKs for JavaScript

    This is the next line of Sentry JavaScript SDKs, comprised in the @sentry/ namespace. It will provide a more convenient interface and improved consistency between various JavaScript environments.

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    Supported Platforms

    For each major JavaScript platform, there is a specific high-level SDK that provides all the tools you need in a single package. Please refer to the README and instructions of those SDKs for more detailed information:

    Installation and Usage

    To install a SDK, simply add the high-level package, for example:

    npm install --save @sentry/browser
    yarn add @sentry/browser

    Setup and usage of these SDKs always follows the same principle.

    import { init, captureMessage } from '@sentry/browser';
      dsn: '__DSN__',
      // ...
    captureMessage('Hello, world!');

    Other Packages

    Besides the high-level SDKs, this repository contains shared packages, helpers and configuration used for SDK development. If you're thinking about contributing to or creating a JavaScript-based SDK, have a look at the resources below:

    Bug Bounty Program

    Our bug bounty program aims to improve the security of our open source projects by encouraging the community to identify and report potential security vulnerabilities. Your reward will depend on the severity of the identified vulnerability.

    Our program is currently running on an invitation basis. If you're interested in participating, please send us an email to and tell us, that you are interested in auditing this repository.

    For more details, please have a look at

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