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    React Editext

    Editable Text Component for React Apps
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    Editable Text Component for React Applications

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    Icons are provided for free by Icon Finder for coronavirus awareness.


    npm install --save react-editext

    Or with yarn:

    yarn add react-editext


    EdiText is highly customizable. You can see more examples here. Here is a basic usage:

    import React, { useState } from 'react'
    import EdiText from 'react-editext'
    function Example(props) {
      const [value, setValue] = useState('What is real? How do you define real?')
      const handleSave = val => {
        console.log('Edited Value -> ', val)
      return (
          <div className="container">

    There is also a codesandbox template that you can fork and play with it:

    Edit react-editext-template

    You can customize almost everything based on your needs. Please navigate to Props section. I mean, just scroll down.


    Prop Type Required Default Note

    value|string|Yes|''|Value of the content and input [in edit mode] type|string|Yes|text|Input type. Possible options are: text, password, number, email, textarea, date, datetime-local, time, month, url, week, tel hint|node|No|''|A simple hint message appears at the bottom of input element. Any valid element is allowed. onSave|function|Yes||Function will be called when save button clicked. value and inputProps are passed to cb. inputProps|object|No||Props to be passed to input element. Any kind of valid DOM attributes are welcome. viewProps|object|No||Props to be passed to div element that shows the text. You can specify your own styles or className validation|function|No||Pass your own validation function. takes one param -> value. It must return true or false validationMessage|node|No|Invalid Value| If validation fails this message will appear onValidationFail|function|No||Pass your own function to track when validation failed. See Examples page for the usage. onCancel|function|No||Function will be called when editing is cancelled. value and inputProps are passed as params. saveButtonContent|node|No|''|Content for save button. Any valid element is allowed. Default is: ✓ cancelButtonContent|node|No|''|Content for cancel button. Any valid element is allowed. Default is: ✕ editButtonContent|node|No|''|Content for edit button. Any valid element is allowed. Default is: ✎ saveButtonClassName|string|No||Custom class name for save button. cancelButtonClassName|string|No||Custom class name for cancel button. editButtonClassName|string|No||Custom class name for edit button. viewContainerClassName|string|No||Custom class name for the container in view mode.See here editContainerClassName|string|No||Custom class name for the container in edit mode. Will be set to viewContainerClassName if you set it and omit this. See here mainContainerClassName|string|No||Custom class name for the top-level main container. See here hideIcons|bool|No|false|Set it to true if you don't want to see default icons on action buttons. See Examples page for more details. buttonsAlign|string|No|after|Set this to before if you want to locate action buttons before the input instead of after it. See here. editOnViewClick|bool|No|false|Set it to true if you want clicking on the view to activate the editor. editing|bool|No|false|Set it to true if you want the view state to be edit mode. onEditingStart|function|No||Function that will be called when the editing mode is active. See here showButtonsOnHover|bool|No|false|Set it to true if you want to display action buttons only when the text hovered by the user. See here submitOnEnter|bool|No|false|Set it to true if you want to submit the form when Enter is pressed. Be careful if you have multiple instances of <EdiText/> on the same page. cancelOnEscape|bool|No|false|Set it to true if you want to cancel the form when Escape is pressed. See here cancelOnUnfocus|bool|No|false|Set it to true if you want to cancel the form when clicked outside of the input. See here submitOnUnfocus|bool|No|false|Set it to true if you want to submit the form when clicked outside of the input. See here startEditingOnFocus|bool|No|false|Activates the edit mode when the view container is in focus. See here startEditingOnEnter|bool|No|false|Activates the edit mode when the Enter key is pressed. See here tabIndex|number|No||An helper shortcut in case you want to pass the same tabIndex to both viewProps and inputProps.

    Styling with styled-components

    You can style your <EdiText/> components with styled-components or similar libraries. You can either target internal HTML elements by their type ( or order) , or you can select them by attribute values.

    Each customizable HTML element has a editext=xxx attribute. Use below as a reference table:

    Attr. Value Description
    view-container the container in view mode
    edit-container the container in edit mode
    button-container the container for the save and cancel buttons
    edit-button use this to style the edit button
    save-button use this to style the save button
    cancel-button use this to style the cancel button
    input There is only one input. You can select it directly or just use this attr value.
    hint To style the hint container.


     button[editext="cancel-button"] {
        &:hover {
          background: crimson;
          color: #fff;
      div[editext="view-container"] {
        background: #6293C3;
        padding: 15px;
        border-radius: 5px;
        color: #fff;
      input, textarea { /** or input[editext="input"] {} */
        background: #1D2225;
        color: #F4C361;
        font-weight: bold;
        border-radius: 5px;

    See the example code.

    Browser Support

    iOS Safari
    iOS Safari
    IE / Edge
    IE / Edge
    :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :exclamation:
    • rows prop for textarea has no effect in IE/Edge. You can set its height with some css.

    Contributors ✨

    Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):


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    Obed Castillo


    Bruno Aderaldo

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    Sascha Kiefer

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    Ehab Alsharif

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    Harsha N Hegde

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    Justin Kuntz

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    Braulio Soncco




    Isaiah Taylor




    Amir M


    Harshil Parmar


    This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


    MIT © alioguzhan

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