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    🌈🕹 Refreshed Windows 95 style UI components for your React app
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    NPM React95 version React95 license

    Components - Website - Slack - PayPal donation 💰

    Refreshed Windows95 UI components for your modern React apps.
    Built with styled-components 💅




    Create modern mobile/web applications with the retro and old school Windows 95 style. Our goal is not to exactly recreate Windows95 components, but to provide a solid component library for current scenarios.

    Getting Started

    First, install component library and styled-components in your project directory:

    # yarn
    $ yarn add react95 styled-components
    # npm
    $ npm i react95 styled-components

    Apply style reset, wrap your app content with ThemeProvider with theme of your choice... and you are ready to go! 🚀

    import React from 'react';
    import { createGlobalStyle, ThemeProvider } from 'styled-components';
    import { reset, themes, List, ListItem, Divider } from 'react95';
    const ResetStyles = createGlobalStyle`
    const App = () => (
        <ResetStyles />
        <ThemeProvider theme={themes.default}>
            <ListItem>🎤 Sing</ListItem>
            <ListItem>💃🏻 Dance</ListItem>
            <Divider />
            <ListItem disabled>😴 Sleep</ListItem>
    export default App;


    You can view components on Storybook. If you want to play with it locally, simply clone the repo and run commands below:

    # yarn
    $ yarn && yarn storybook
    # npm
    $ npm i && npm run storybook

    Submit your project

    Apps built with React95 will be submitted on the official React95 website 🤟🏻


    Any help from UI / UX designers would be EXTREMELY appreciated. The challenge is to come up with new component designs / layouts that are broadly used in modern UIs, that weren't present back in 95.

    There's a lot to do. If you want to help with the project, feel free to open pull requests and submit issues. Let's make UI great again 🔥


    There's quite a few things to be done:

    • Styled system
    • Lots of tacky color schemes 🌈
    • Custom icons maybe? (Emojis from Windows 10 seem to go very well with the lib)
    • Typography
    • Range slider component
    • Avatar component
    • Components common in all modern UIs (FAB, Badge, Avatar, Snackbar, Steppers)

    And the boring stuff too:

    • Testing
    • Semantic release
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