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    A 100% JavaScript object database: SQL like syntax, full-text search, auto object sync, swapable persistence engines, asynchronous cursors, streaming analytics, 18 built-in plus in-line fat arrow predicates, predicate extensibility, indexed computed values, joins, nested matching, statistical sampling and more.
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    A multi model 100% JavaScript database supporting:

    1) key/values, graphs, documents

    2) Industry standard Storage API (except ReasonDB is asynchronous), or a graph API similar to GunDB, or SQL like syntax.

    3) Can be used with almost any key/value backing store.

    4) joins

    6) standard array like functions for iterating over results, e.g. map, forEach, etc.

    7) inline functions or over 30 pre-defined predicates, e.g. $eq, $gt, $isIPAddress

    8) automatic data expiration based on dates or durations

    9) full text indexing

    Full documentation is available at

    Updates (reverse chronological order)

    2019-06-10 v1.0.7b Switched to SSPL license.

    2019-01-22 v1.0.6b Improved full-text tokenizer. Fixed issue where graph was not flushing to storage for putItem.

    2019-01-21 v1.0.5b Enhanced JOQULAR to support $return.

    2019-01-19 v1.0.4b Corrected years in this update list. Enhanced JOQULAR to support projections and validation.

    2019-01-13 v1.0.3b Basic replication now working.

    2019-01-12 v1.0.2b Documentation enhancements. Added update to SQL like commands and statistical methods to cursors.

    2019-01-03 v1.0.1b Merged AnyWhichWay into ReasonDB. NOTE: There are substantial API and functonality changes. Databases and applications developed with v0.. are not compatible.

    2017-05-23 v0.3.2 Improved fastForEach

    2017-02-12 v0.3.1 Added full-text indexing and search. See .fullTextKeys and $search in documentation. Refactored 20 un-necessary nested Promises. Added fastForEach. Added minified version of src/index.js for Chrome and node v7.x users.

    2017-02-10 v0.3.0 Code base made more modular with respect to server side drivers. Drivers must now be loaded separately. See documentation above. Added a deferKeys option to classes that prevents a full index being created on a property but still allows the property to be queried using JOQULAR. Addressed a scoping issue with JSONBlockStore that prevented it from restoring classes properly in some situations.

    2017-02-10 v0.2.10 Fixed Issue 19.

    2017-01-21 v0.2.9 Added limit(count) and page(offset) to select added .page(page,size) to Cursor instances which returns reduced size cursor.

    2017-01-17 v0.2.8 Fixed Issue 15, changes to intersection in v2.6 had been copied from a non-strict codebase and broke during babelify with no errors during compile.

    2017-01-11 v0.2.7 Fixed Issue 13 where updates were being saved to the Object index when a constructor could not be found for the classes of objects being updated.

    2016-12-23 v0.2.6 Added more performant intersection. Added issues folder under test for managing resolution to issue reports.

    2016-12-01 v0.2.5 Added function queries. where clause can now be a function that returns an array of rows of objects and ignores the normal look-up process, i.e. array of arrays. ReasonDB continues to handle projections and statistical sampling or row count limits.

    2016-11-29 v0.2.4 Added skipKeys as a class configuration option to prevent indexing of specified properties.

    2016-11-27 v0.2.3 Added saveIndexAsync:true as a database startup option. Saves indexes only during idle time, tripling or quadrupling insert speed for locally hosted databases.

    2016-11-25 v0.2.2 Introduced the use of const producing substantial performance improvements. Tested against local copy of Redis.

    2016-11-24 v0.2.1 Updated examples to use /lib/uuid.js since the update to v3.0.0 of uuid made uuid not directly browser loadable. Documentation updates.

    2016-11-23 v0.1.9 Documentation updates, code quality improvements.

    2016-11-23 v0.1.8 Documentation updates, code quality improvements updated uuid package to v3.0.0.

    2016-11-20 v0.1.7 Documentation updates.

    2016-11-20 v0.1.6 Added JSONBlockStore.

    2016-11-15 v0.1.5 Added performance tests in examples/load directory.

    2016-11-13 v0.1.4 Further optimizations to ensure action sequencing is correct when using a remote datastore. This fixed issues with Redis. Simplified coding to add new persistence stores.

    2016-11-02 v0.1.3 Optimizations to help ensure all the actions required to support one change to a data element are complete prior to initiating another on the same element. This involved replacing Promise calls is functions with a passed reference to the resolver for a top level Promise. Added support for multiple arguments for insert, delete. Added LevelUpStore. Identified an fixed a couple of edge case Promises that contained this references. Corrected a join issue that resulted in right sides that were unrestricted for Redis and Memcache.

    2016-10-31 v0.1.2 1.1 was pushed with incorrect test case config.

    2016-10-31 v0.1.1 Added support for IronCache, Redis, and Memcached. Improved documentation.

    2016-10-30 v0.1.0 Added first, random, and sample to select. Made cursor calls to forEach, every, some, get asynchronous. See documentation for rationale. Deprecated shared indexes, they did not scale well under volume and made working with localStorage somewhat obscure. This resulted in dropping the as clause for insert.

    2016-10-28 v0.0.6 Added Update statement. Enhanced database to take a start-up flag that makes activating objects for automatic database and index update optional. Repaired 'delete' which broke when cursor.count was changed to a function. Added documentation. Published to npm.

    2016-10-27 v0.0.5 Added documentation. Repaired 'when' which broke when cursor.count was changed to a function. Published to npm.

    2016-10-26 v0.0.4 Added documentation. Changed count on Cursor instances to a function and added maxCount as a data member. Not published to npm.

    2016-10-25 v0.0.3 First npm publication.

    Prior to being re-named, ReasonDB existed as the first auto-synchronizing in-memory JavaScript object database JOQULAR, originally published in April of 2015.


    This software is provided as-is under the MIT license.

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