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    Fast & Robust Front-End Micro-framework based on modern standards
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    hello, slim.js

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    Hello, slim.js

    Slim is an ultra fast, native and elegant library for Web Components development

    Slim.js is a lightning fast library for development of native Web Components and Custom Elements based on modern standards. No black magic involved, no useless dependencies.

    It uses ES6+DOM native API to boosts up HTML elements with superpowers.

    Is this another framework?

    Nope. It's a slim code layer that adds framework-like power to your custom elements, using only the browser's native capabilities — as defined by W3C standards.

    Here's what you get:

    • Automatic rendering using templates.
    • One-way data binding, derived from templates.
    • It can be extended: anyone can add custom plugins or directives.
    • It feels like a framework (in a good way), but without the limits of a classic framework.
    • It's as small as 3.4 KBytes (gzipped)!
    • Single file for core functionality, and you're good to go.
    • No magic-based dependencies, everything is based on native browsers' API. Choose your own tools.
    • (Optional) Decorators for ES7/Next syntax, via Babel.
    • Works with mixins from other libraries, such as Polymer.

    Version 4+ Changes and Migration

    • Package files supports ES6 native modules - i.e. import / exports.
    • For no-modules approach, every file has a filename.nomodule.js
    • Directives are in separate files, to reduce core package size. For using directives:
    import 'slim-js/directives/repeat.js'
    import 'slim-js/directives/if.js'
    import 'slim-js/directives/switch-case.js'
    // Or if you need them all
    import 'slim-js/directives/all.js'
    • For the no-module approach place in your HTML:
    <script src="slim-js/Slim.nomodule.js"></script>
    <script src="slim-js/directives/all.nomodule.js"></script>

    or alternatively use the ES6 native modules in your browser:

    <script type="module" src="slim-js/Slim.js"></script>
    <script type="module" src="slim-js/directives/..."></script>


    • ES6
    • Web Components V1
    • No transpiling or compilation required

    Fast Setup

    • Add Slim.js to your project and you're good to go!


    The official website is built with Slim.js (with source maps). Check out the source code, see it for yourself.

    Contibutors are welcome.


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