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    The No Hassle JavaScript Colorpicker
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    The No Hassle Colorpicker

    See the demo and docs:

    I wanted a colorpicker that didn't require images, and that had an API that made sense to me as a developer who has worked with color in a number of applications. I had tried a number of existing plugins, but decided to try and make a smaller, simpler one.

    I started using canvas, then switched to CSS gradients, since it turned out to be easier to manage, and provided better cross browser support.

    Basic Usage

    Head over to the docs for more information. There is a visual demo of the different options hosted at:

    <script src='spectrum.js'></script>
    <link rel='stylesheet' href='spectrum.css' />
    <input id='colorpicker' />
        color: "#f00"


    Spectrum is registered as package with npm. It can be installed with:

    npm install spectrum-colorpicker


    Spectrum is registered as a package with Bower, so it can be pulled down using:

    bower install spectrum

    Using spectrum with a CDN

    CDN provided by cdnjs

    <script src=""></script>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">

    Continuous Integration

    Build Status

    Visit to view the status of the automated tests.

    Building Spectrum Locally

    If you'd like to download and use the plugin, head over to and click the 'Download Zip' button.

    If you'd like to run the development version, spectrum uses Grunt to automate the testing, linting, and building. Head over to for more information. First, clone the repository, then run:

    npm install -g grunt-cli
    npm install
    # runs jshint and the unit test suite
    # runs jshint, the unit test suite, and builds a minified version of the file.
    grunt build


    If you are able to translate the text in the UI to another language, please do! You can do so by either filing a pull request or opening an issue with the translation. The existing languages are listed at:

    For an example, see the Dutch translation.

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